Talladega Nights

I last watched this way back in 2008, and gave it 7.5 out of 10.

This time around I found it a little less funny. There were some pretty funny gags, but many just fell flat. All of the actors though were great, it is just a pity they didn’t get a better script.

There were cameos galore, including Elvis Costello, Mos Def, Halliburton guy, and of course various NASCAR drivers and commentators.

I would love to see a Formula 1 spoof movie with Will Ferrell, that would be a hoot!

Date watched: October 21st
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 162


Anchorman 2

I am still in a comedy-watching mood, especially Will Ferrell, and I found this on YouTube so despite the slightly crappy video had to watch it.

It was pretty much a re-hash of the first film, but still funny and weird. It had a great cast with Steve Carell (another fave comedian, but he should not have done Evan Almighty), Christina Applegate (good to see her again, she is funny), Paul Rudd, David Koechner (not a familiar name, but he is a funny guy), and cameos from Harrison Ford (funny too), Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen, and several more.

There were lots of seventies jokes, and groovy seventies songs. The seventies are a great period for films to be set in, so damn funny!

Date watched: September 21st
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2015: 125

This was a great scene.

Stranger Than Fiction

I was in the mood for a comedy, so I did a search on Hulu+ for Will Ferrell and found this.

As it turned out this was not so much a comedy, rather a light-hearted drama, something Will Ferrell has hardly ever done. Still, it turned out to be rather good.

Also in this were Emma Thompson (she was most excellent), Queen Latifah, Dustin Hoffman, and Tom Hulce. I didn’t realise Tom Hulce was in this until the end because…

Tom Hulce

The story was quirky but fun, and the acting was all good, but poor Tom Hulce had only a small part. There were a lot of little details in the background to pick out, such as a photo of a Maori man with a large face tattoo… wonder why that was put in.

This was filmed in Chicago which looks like a good place to visit. And the Stranger Than Fiction soundtrack in this was great, although none of the songs in the trailer below were actually in the film.

A worthy watch.

Date watched: September 17th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2015: 122

You can’t really make it out, but the photo of the Maori fellow is just to the left of the chair in the freeze frame below (or at the 1:20 mark if you get a different frame than I do).

And here is Queen Latifah not sticking to acting…

The Other Guys

I felt like watching a comedy so I chose this, Will Ferrell is usually a laugh, although this is not his best.

It also had Mark Wahlberg who was pretty good in a comedic role. The funniest bits in this though were The Rock’s and Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo at the start, funny stuff.

The rest of the film was mildly funny and entertaining, but not something I would watch again.

Date watched: August 23rd
Score: 7/10
Film count 2013: 99
Rotten score: 78%