Van Halen – Fair Warning

This was an album I had my eyes on for a while, but I passed it over for other albums such as the Abba album I bought a while ago. But, finally I succumbed and it has been in my collection for a few weeks now.

I am not a huge fan of Van Halen, but songs like “Jump” and “Hot For Teacher” are just too catchy to not like. This is their fourth album and does not have any tracks that most people would know unless they are V.H. fans, although “Unchained” is quite familiar.

It came out in 1981, three years before 1984 which is the album that had aforementioned songs and made Van Halen super-duper-stars. This album though is a very Van Halen-sounding album and has some good tracks. I just find it to be a decent but not essential listen. I am listening to it as I type, and I am actually getting into it as I bash on the keys, so perhaps I am warming to it.

The record and album cover are both in near-new condition. It is a Japanese pressing.

I am getting behind in my record posts, I have at least four more to write about, so I will get onto that.

Music count 2018: 103
Total vinyl count: 20

The Van Halen Story

Straight after watching the punker documentary I decided to watch this, because I am fascinated with Van Halen. I only like a few songs of theirs (most of their albums are unlistenable), but Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth are two guys that impress me.

This started with a history of each band member from birth through to forming Van Halen, and culminated in the break-up of the band with David Lee Roth.

There were interviews with various people involved in the band, and commentary from the band members (audio only for all members except David Lee Roth).

Early on in their career, before they were known as Van Halen they were doing parties at peoples houses and attracting thousands of people, closing down streets with the cops searching for the house from several blocks away. I doubt that kind of thing happens any more.

A reasonably interesting peek into the world of big 80’s rockers.

Date watched: January 11th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 7