This is a very slick 2011 Norwegian thriller about a headhunter/art thief. It was dubbed into English, unfortunately.

The headhunter, who for some reason has the very English name of Roger Brown (in the original Norwegian language film as well), headhunts a Danish fellow who worked for a big American tech company, but what Roger does not know is that he is being used as part of a scheme to steal secrets from a rival company. It is actually a lot more complicated, but not too difficult to follow. Everything is very neatly tied up at the end.

It is very well made, very Hollywood in style, but being Scandinavian it goes places where Hollywood would not dare tread (nudity and some gore). It is also very well acted and is just an all-round good film to watch for a few thrills and action.

The rights for an English language remake were of course bought by an American film studio (Summit Entertainment), and were actually sold even before the Norwegian film had finished production. I have no idea what kind of budget it will have, but if it gets big money then of course Tommo will get the main part.

As I wrote earlier, it was dubbed with American voice actors and it was quite jarring. I don’t like anything dubbed, so even if Tommo himself dubbed the main character I still wouldn’t like it… actually, having Tommo voice-act the main role could be quite entertaining.

Certainly the best Norwegian thriller I have seen for quite some time. Maybe only.

Date watched: May 2nd
Score: 8/10
Film count 2019: 11

Edge Of Tomorrow

Looking through Amazon Prime last night I came across this. The title of this film in Japan is “All You Need Is Kill”, which is the name of the Japanese story this was based on, so I thought I had not seen it until a few minutes in. But, I felt like a silly science fiction/action film, and it has The Cruiser, so I was more than happy to watch it again.

I last saw this in 2015, and I had forgotten quite a lot of it, so that was good. Here is some of what I said about it last time:

Tom Cruise is usually a good bet these days, his films are entertaining, don’t require any brain power, and have plenty of action. This one also had a few funny bits which Tom carried out well. The story, which is based on a Japanese novel is pretty good although it is just a futuristic action version of Groundhog Day. The CG was fabs, especially the aliens. Bill Paxton was in this, he has been annoying in some films in the past, but I thought he was good in this and he did some good comedy bits.

I totally agree with myself on all counts. Jolly good fun.

Date watched: September 16th
Score: 9/10
Tommo score: 9/10
Film count 2018: 58