I Was A Teenage Sex Pistol

This is Glen Matlock’s autobiography about his time in the band, and is a reissue of the original 1990 book, with a few added chapters outlining what the Pistols have done since. This was cheap for Kindle on Amazon.

It starts off with a brief look at his life before the Pistols, but quickly get into how he joined the band. Something I did not know was that he was working in Malcolm McLaren’s shop long before he was taken on as the bassist for the band.

There are a lot of stories and details about Malcolm McLaren, each of the band members, and various other aspects of the Sex Pistols, as well as some things about Sid Vicious. It is all told seemingly honestly and unbiased. Like any musician there is a little ego, but not a giant one, and he did not resort mud-slinging. John Lydon is obviously a difficult character, but Glen overall seems to respect him quite a lot, as well as his other band mates. He said at one point that Steve Jones is the heart of the band…interesting, but probably true.

Sometimes his attempts at humour and turn of phrase did not work well, but on the whole it was well written.

Highly recommended for Sex Pistols fans.

Book count 2018: 5

New CD’s recently

I have been buying a few new CD albums recently but not bothering to review them, better do it I suppose. So I’ll lump all of them together here.

The first is ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’, I saw it cheap at Book Off so got it as it is a not a bad listen and is a piece of rock n’ roll history which needs to be in my collection.
Score: 8/10

Next is Cheryl Crow’s ‘The Very Best Of’ album. I have always liked a few of her songs but never enough to buy her albums. And I wanted to get something radically different to add to the rest of my collection, plus it was cheap at Book Off. Bit of a disappointment though. Apart from her well known songs the rest are just fillers really, even though it is a best of album.
Score: 5/10

At the same time I bought Cheryl Crow I bought Alanis Morrisette’s ‘Jagged little Pill’ album, at least that what it was supposed to be. When I got home I found ‘Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie’ album inside which is a follow-up to J.L.P. This one too is disappointing, kind of pretentious, and very standard indie rock. I won’t be listening to this again in a hurry.
Score: 2/10

Since I had already chosen two albums by female singers I decided to find a third so I got Bjork’s ‘Medulla’ album. This is another disappointment unfortunatley, didn’t grab me at all. Oh well.
Score: 2/10

One band I discovered on a PSP game soundtrack a few years back was Senses Fail. I like them lots so when I heard they have a new album out I ordered it on Amazon. And it is just as good as all of their previous stuff, not much of a progression, but still good. It has a nice cardboard album jacket too.
Score: 9/10

Last weekend we all piled into the car and went to Toys R’ Us to get a new bike for James. Book Off is downstairs from there so I dived in there and was determined to leave with one CD. After much deliberation I bought a KC & The Sunshine Band’s ‘Best Of’ album. It has all of their well known funky disco beats and a few I have never heard although they are nothing special. A fun listen but not essential.
Score: 6/10

After I found out, a bit late, that Ween are no more I decided to buy an album of theirs so I chose ‘Chocolate and Cheese’. And this one too was bit of a disappointment, not what I was expecting from Ween, even though their albums can be very diverse. Not their best at all.
Score: 4/10

And today I received in the mail a metal album by Sabbat called ‘History of a Time to Come’, an album I had and loved in NZ a long time ago. It didn’t come with to Japan for some reason so after all this time I got it again. And I still like it just as much as ever. Ah, memories!
Score: 9.5/10

Album count 2012 including all of the above: 44