Last Second Spin order

A bunch of CDs arrived from Second Spin a couple of weeks back, and today I decided it would be the last for the time being. The exchange rate is terrible, and I can get stuff here cheaper. Second Spin was good though as I could get stuff I just can’t find here, or is over-priced.

So this is what I got:

Green Day – Awesome as F**k
Placebo – Black Market Music [Bonus Tracks]
Dinosaur Jr. – Hand It Over
Yellowcard – One for the Kids
Alkaline Trio – Maybe I’ll Catch Fire
Stereophonics – You Gotta Go There to Come Back
The Wedding Present – Search for Paradise
Pretenders – Pretenders

Most of those are old staples, bands I am trying to complete discographies of. I have not listened to most of these yet, just Green Day which is a great live album, Placebo which I like, and Wedding Present who never disappoint. I will save the rest for a rainy day.

I will just buy stuff locally from now on, it is cheaper and fun to try and scope out the good stuff from all the chaff that there is in the used CD places. There are a few places around to go to.

And a few days ago I cycled off to Mandai for the exercise and to hopefully find some gold. No real gold there, but I did pick up Imogen Heap’s first album, thought I would check her out. Not bad, but nothing overly special. I was reading about her on Wikipedia and she is quite an impressive musician. She did her own engineering and technical work on some albums, re-mortgaged her flat to fund production costs for her second album, and many other totally rad things.

In Tokyo this week I popped into Tower Records, as I always do in Shibuya, and thought about getting the new Blur and The Prodigy albums. I ended up getting the Napalm Death album Utilitarian because it was 50% off and I kind of have a soft-spot for that old band.

And I found a new HMV shop which was quite small and specialising in vinyl, but at the back in a dark and dingy corner they had a few shelves of unhip used CDs. Many were quite cheap, but as I was running out of time I had to quickly find something. I quickly settled on The Charalatans Wonderland album. I bought a The Charlatans album a while back and thought it was most decent, so hopefully this one is too.

Back in the days before iTunes there used to be three major CD stores in Japan: Tower, HMV, and Virgin. I would visit all three on my visits to Tokyo. Virgin was the first to disappear, followed by HMV, with Tower Records surviving but not doing as well as it used to. So seeing HMV return is good, but it is just a shadow of it’s former self. Japan does not have any kind of music streaming service due to the strict music licensing here, which means CD sales here are stronger compared to other countries.

So the last week or so has yielded a nice agglomeration of albums.

Album count 2015: 43

Second Spin order

Another Second Spin order arrived today, much quicker than the previous order.

In the package was:
Hole – Nobody’s Daughter
Alkaline Trio – This Addiction
Saosin – In Search of Solid Ground
Stereophonics – Performance and Cocktails
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Mad Alien Dub
Tricky – Pre-Millenium Tension
Superchunk – Come Pick Me Up
Superchunk – Hyper Enough EP

I have listened to Stereophonics, Superchunk’s album, and Saosin so far, and all are good.

Album count 2015: 32

More music

I have bought a few more CDs over the last few weeks, plus a download.

A couple of weeks ago Hana requested to go to Mandai because she wanted to try her luck on the UFO catchers, and yet again she got something, a necklace to be exact.

I bought the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, Louis Armstrong plays W.C. Handy, and Home Acres by a band called Aloha…never heard of them but thought I would give them a go, and the CD cover was fancy looking. I am listening to it for the first time as I type and it’s OK but nothing special.

On Amazon I bought 100 Masterpieces by Frank Sinatra, mostly because it was cheap at 600 yen, but also because Franky was a classic.

And today, over two months since I placed the order, a package arrived from Second Spin with lots of goodness:

Superchunk – Cup of Sand (two discs)
PJ Harvey – Uh Huh Her
Placebo – Meds
Placebo – Sleeping With Ghosts
Moby – Everything Is Wrong
Daniel Johnston – Is And Always Was (listened to this today, not bad)
Alkaline Trio – Good Mourning

Chuffed with that order.

Yesterday, the first day of the spring holiday for James and Hana, we went to McD’s which is near Book Off, so I went there and bought Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James Album.

And finally, today the Placebo I’m Nothing Without You arrived in the mail, used.

*Update: I bought the PJ Harvey album Dry purchased yesterday while we were all browsing in a Book Off. Looking forward to listening to it, it will bring back memories.

Plenty of good stuff to listen to.

Album count 2015: 23

Final CDs of the year

A package arrived from Second Spin a couple of days ago containing 8 CDs.

First up is Moby’s Last Night album. I haven’t listened to it yet but I am looking forward to it. Moby never disappoints, although this album does not get good reviews.

I got into The Go! Team a few years back and have been looking out for their Thunder, Lightning, Strike album, and found it on Second Spin for a very decent price so snapped it up. Fabs album, probably their best, good sing-a-long stuff.

I have also been undergoing a Wedding Present renaissance recently, and can’t get enough of them again. So I bought their Take Fountain album. And it is good.

A bit of a disappointment though is Thievery Corporation’s The Mirror Conspiracy album. I have their Radio Retaliation which is darn good stuff. This album though is just very blah, and quite different.

I bought Jesus Lizard’s Bang album which is a mix of B-sides, live recordings and whatnot. All good.

And to add some sophistication to my collection I bought Thelonius Monk’s Thelonius Monk/Sonny Rollins album which I have not listened to yet. I am sure it is fancy.

After finishing playingNeed for Speed: The Run (good racing game) which in the end credits played Donovan’s Rikki-Tikki-Tavi song I had to check his stuff out. So I got Donovan’s Greatest Hits. And it is indeed good stuff, quirky and poppy and catchy.

The last Second Spin purchase is Tricky’s Vulnerable album. I have yet to listen to it, but I am sure it is aces.

Last weekend I bought The Divine Comedy’s A Short Album About Love, which is most dandy. Really like it. It reminds me of Frank Sinatra.

And the last purchase of the year was Sugar’s Beaster EP which i found at GEO, a local video and CD rental place, it was in the used CD section there which occasionally has some gold. This Sugar release is an absolute fave.

Last year I bought 153 albums. Couldn’t quite top that but maybe 2015 will be a bountiful year. ‘Tis my New Year’s resolution.

Album count 2014: 142

Eight CDs

A package arrived from Second Spin a few days ago, full of goodness. And I have listened to every album, so I can give a more detailed report this time.

First up was Devo’s Something for Everybody which was released in 2010. It has the Devo sound, but with a more modern sound. It is not quite as good as their earlier releases, but I think it is still quite good for a bunch of guys who are in their 60’s now (Mark Motherbough is 64). I like.

I bought Alkaline Trio’s Alkaline Trio compilation album which has B-sides, rarities and other not so well known songs. Good stuff.

On a whim I decided to get something by John Denver, so I got his Windsong album. Not really my kind of stuff, but it was only US$3.

I wanted to add to my The Fall collection so I found The Real New Fall LP. It is jolly good stuff, typical Fall material.

Swordfishtrombones by Tom Waits. Nuff said.

Sometimes I go to Rolling to look at their best 500 albums of all time and saw that Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks was number 19, so I got it. It is kind of all right, but not something that I will be listening to on a regular basis.

Another dude on Rolling Stones top 500 is Robert Johnson, so I found Martin Scorcese presents Robert Johnson for just a few dollars. It is OK, but I like Son House more.

And lastly I bought Hot Fuss (Limited Edition) by The Killers, a band I like a lot. It has a few extra songs on it, but they are nothing fancy. Still, it is a good album.

A nice haul of CDs, and another is on the way. Nice.

Album count 2014: 128

Ten CDs

A rather nice parcel was waiting for me in the letterbox today after I got home from a rather rowdy lesson at the kindergarten in the morn, nice timing there.

It was from Second Spin, my new fave place to buy used CDs, this parcel being the second I have received from them. Second Spin is a used CD shop chain the States, this package arriving from their distribution centre in Kentucky. The website always has deals going on and in this case I was suckered into their “Spend $40 and get a 20% discount” deal. I thought that was rather good so I spent a happy 30 minutes or so ordering away at random.

So this is what I now have:

Alkaline Trio’s godddamnit album. I haven’t listened to it yet.

Weezer’s Hurley album which I have also not listened to but have been wanting to get this for ages.

Anaal Nathrakh’s Domine Non Es Dignum album. Anaal Nathrakh are a rather noisy metal band from England. I like noisy metal bands from England.

Superchunk’s Indoor Living album. No need to explain why I got that.

The Academy Is…’s Almost Here album. I already have it from the iTunes store, but iTunes is now my enemy of decent music listening, so I had to get this on CD. Tis’ much better.

The B-52’s first album because it was cheap as dirt, and because I have fond memories of listening to this when I got it out at the library in Fendalton all those years ago. I may have even owned it at one point.

John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. I haven’t listened to this yet.

Big Audio Dynamite’s first album. I was feeling nostalgic, and it was el cheapo too.

The Chemical Brothers’ Exit Planet Dust which I think now completes my C.B. album discography. Sweet.

And unfortunately I ordered P.J. Harvey’s Rid of Me album, not realising I already had it. Poops. But it too was el cheapo. If you want it then let me know.

Album count 2014: 113

More music

I amassed quite a few CDs this week.

From Mandai I got The Divine Comedy’s fin de siecle album which is jolly good, Herman Hermit’s Their Greatest Hits which is indeed their greatest hits, Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy mostly because it was cheaps, John Coltrane’s Coltrane because I wanted to feel sophisticated, Arctic Monkey’s Who theFudge Are Arctic Monkeys because I am really getting into them recently, and Voivod’s Nothingface album because I wanted to feel like a hipster metaller collecting classic metal albums from prolofic but overlooked Canadian metal bands.

One night during a bike ride I dropped into Book Off and bought Duran Duran’s Decade CD which is a compilation of all their greatest hits…it should have been an EP. Apart from Girls on Film, The Reflex and maybe two more songs, they haven’t really been worthy. They are quite prolific though, I saw heaps of singles and EPs at Mandai the other day, stuff I had never heard of. Still, they shouldn’t bother.

And from Second Spin in the U.S. a package containing three CDs arrived today. They are Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas, I got that mostly because I had it in the 90’s and felt all nostalgic for it again. I also got Fugazi’s Repeater + 3 Songs album, and Alkaline Trio’s Agony & Irony, another band I have been getting into recently.

Ten albums in one week. Happy days.

Album count 2014: 86