Mean Streets

The best way to ensure I watch something decent again is to watch a Scorcese film, so last night I re-watched Mean Streets.

A search on this site revealed that I have not re-watched this since beginning this blog, so that means I have not seen this for at least eight years. I barely remembered the story, so catching up again was a good thing, and reminded me of just how good this is, especially considering that it is Marty’s first proper motion picture.

Harvey Keitel and Robert DeNiro were very young looking, but stellar, and there was a great supporting cast. Some camera shots were fabulous, especially this scene with Harvey Keitel. Most of the filming for this was actually done in Los Angeles. There was a great soundtrack too, mostly 50’s and 60’s music, and this film was apparently one of the first to start the whole trend of having decent music soundtracks (it also took up almost half of the film’s budget in music fees).

I can’t quite give this a full ten, Marty went on to make even better films, but it is still a most fabulous film.

Date watched: October 6th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2016: 152



This is the third time I have seen this, the previous time being May 2011.

And it was just as good as ever with a good story (based on a true story), great acting, and of course that shootout on the streets.

Not much more to say really. I will be watching this again in a few years time mostly likely.

Date watched: July 17th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2015: 96

American Hustle

After the sundry disappointments of the last few weeks it was good to see something quality finally.

Christian Bale did his usually ultra-preparedness for this by putting on lots of weight and gained a rather large beer belly. Quite the actor is Bale. He was darn good in this, as were the rest of the cast that included Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, Amy Adams, and Jennifer Lawrence. Robert was great in his two scenes as a feared mafia overlord.

The story was based on an actual an actual FBI operation in the late 70’s and moved along at a good pace, and the 70’s soundtrack was great.

I would happily watch this again some day.

Date watched: January 23rd
Score: 9/10
Film count 2015: 13

Taxi Driver

My 150th film this year.

I am not sure if this is the 3rd or 4th time I have seen this, but no matter how many times I have seen this it is always a fab film.

Robert was absolutely fabs in this, as were the rest of the cast. Martin Scorcese’s little part was freaky and funny. The cinematography was great, the grotty New York streets of the day were well shot, especially the night shots. And the scene where Travis went berzerb in the shootout scene was great, especially the panning shot from above looking down on the mayhem.

I’ll defintely be watching this again.

Date watched: November 30th
Score: 10/10
Film count 2013: 150


It was good to see this again, after so many years. While I forgot a lot of the story it all came back as I was watching it.

The sets and costumes were great. Even the special effects despite not being CG or very realistic had their own charm. Robert DeNiro was funny as Tuttle and Jonathan Pryce was great. The lead female actress though I didn’t think was as good as the rest of the cast.

I’ll watch this again someday.

Date watched: February 11th
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2012: 25