The Great Train Robbery and Le Voyage dans la Lune

I recently discovered a great website for film-buffs called After joining up you can go through their database of films and check the films you have seen, which I have done 791 times so far. There are also lists of films you can go through, and my fave list is called “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”.

The first two on the list are the two mentioned in the title, and both are under 15 minutes long.

I watched the Great Train Robbery first, and I was quite surprised at how good the film quality was for something made way back in 1903, even before my grandfather was born. The story was simple and quite comical at times (not intended methinks). The film ended with the iconic shot of a bandit shootin’ his pistol straight at the audience, and I can imagine terrified film-goers running screaming from the theatre at this point.

A Trip to the Moon however was a very different film which could only have been made in France with it’s fancy costumes and very artistic set design and props. There was lots of running and jumping around, and they all seemed to be having a jolly good time. Very imaginative stuff.

I debated about whether these two very short films count on my list as full-feature length films or not, and came to the conclusion that they do decided not. They are milestones in the history of film-making and should be watched by all real film buffs, but by my standards are not films in the modern sense.

Date watched: April 17th
Scores: 10/10 by default
Film count 2016: 68 (not including these films)