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Generation Terrorists and Burial

After hearing Burial on Songpop I thought I would check them out. Actually, as is usual with dubstep it is just one guy. So I went to Burial’s record label and downloaded the first album as a download which was 6.49 pounds, not bad. It is pretty good too, not your usual dubstep, more atmospheric and chill. It was named album of the year by Wire magazine in 2006.

And today the 20th Anniversary edition of Generation Terrorists arrived from Amazon. It has 2 CDs and a DVD of rare movies. AT the moment I am listening to the album proper. The second CD has various demos. It comes in a sleeve cover, and has a couple of booklets inside, quite a nice package but nothing everly special. Still, it didn’t cost too much and is a nice addition to my Manics collection.

I ordered the new Black Sabbath album on Amazon a couple of days ago, it will arrive on it’s release day, June 11th, looking forward to it.

Album count 2013: 48

Manic Street Preachers and Type O Negative

I bought ‘Journal for Plague Lovers’ by the Manics at a DVD/CD rental place that had a used CD section. I realised a few days ago that I didn’t have that album, although I have heard it. Top notch stuff of course.
And I bought ‘October Rust’ by Type O Negative on Amazon, they are fast becoming a fave band. Unfortunately the lead singer died in 2010 so they are history. Darn good album though.

Album count 2013: 14

Manic Street Preachers – Theme from M*A*S*H*

This was a split single with The Fatima Mansions put out by NME as a fundraiser for The Spastics Society.

The Manics song is pretty good but not their best, and the Fatima Mansions is nothing special. There is also a recording of a discussion between NME staff members about the Richey Edwards razor incident and the debate on whether to include the photo of him showing off his cut-up arm. It is not all that interesting.

Good to have I suppose.

Manic Street Preachers – Know Your B-Sides

In my ongoing quest to purchase all of the Manics’ releases I received this today in the mail. I bought this on Amazon, used, for 1 yen plus 340 yen postage. Pretty ridiculous price for gold like this but I ain’t complainin’.

This is of course b-side tracks, and they are quite an eclectic mix. Some songs are re-mixes, some kind of experimental and some are not. All though are great, of course. I likes the Manics I does.

I also bought the ‘Suicide is Painless’ single for 1 yen but that will arrive maybe tomorrow, so I’ll wax poetic about it then hopefully.

This is not an album, but at 7 tracks it is close enough so I’ll include it in the album count.

Album count 2012: 55

Here is one of the tracks…