Dark Crimes

On the return flight back to Japan I watched only one film, this one. I chose it because it was a film I had heard nothing about, and it is probably a film I would not have watched otherwise. Also, it has Jim Carrey, one of my favourite comedians, but I knew before watching it that this is not a comedy at all.

The story follows Jim’s character, a Polish detective who is trying to bust Marton Csocas’ character for the murder of a businessman. The story seems pretty straightforward, but by the end it is a jumbled mess of a story, but has a nice twist at the end.

It is very dark watching, both the subject matter and the cinematography. It has very little action and just spends a lot of time making us feel really down and bummed out about life in general.

Jim was good, but all he to do really was keep that face he has in the poster throughout the whole film. Marton Csocas was great as the villain of the story.

The internet does not like this film at all, Rotten Tomatoes gives it 0%. I wouldn’t say this is a bad film, but it is not exactly riveting stuff either, just a real downer overall. It was well made and the acting was good, but the subject matter probably suits a novel better than a film. The twist at the end does give it a kind of satisfying end, even if it is still a downer.

Jim’s next project is the live action animated film “Sonic the Hedgehog”, he plays Dr. Ivo Robotnik. I think you might be making more bad film choices Jimbo.

Date watched: March 31st
Score: 4/10
Film count 2019: 7

Me, Myself, and Irene

Straight after watching Monty Python I decided to watch this, another film I saw many years ago.

I remember not liking this all that much, but because it is Jim Carrey I had to watch it again to see if I would like it more this time around. And, I guess I did, for the most part. Jim Carrey stole the show of course, he was extremely funny in some scenes. Renée Zellweger held her own against Jim, and the actors who played Jim’s character’s sons were funny too.

Being a Farrelly Brothers film it was a bit crude and silly at times, and this is one of those comedies where they mix in serious crime to the story, which I generally don’t like…comedy and serious bits just don’t mix in my book.

It is worth watching for Jim alone, he was quite nutty at times, but the rest of it is forgettable.

Date watched: December 30th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2018: 89

The Cable Guy

I was reminded of this film recently in a podcast I listen to called Movie Crush. I have seen this at least once before, but had forgotten a lot of it, so I went to a DVD rental place last night to get it out, along with some newer films.

This film came out in 1996, at a time when Jim was pretty much at the top of his nutty game. He received $20 million big ones to star in this, a new record at the time. A year earlier he was paid $10 million for Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Ben Stiller directed.

Compared to his earlier films, this one was a lot darker and at times pretty weird, probably too much so for some audiences. Rotten Tomatoes gives this a 53% rating which I think is a bit low as I enjoyed the mix of comedy with a stalker plot line.

Jim Carrey (Chris Farley was considered for the role) was what made the whole film work. There were some scenes which were obviously created by Jim, such as the nipple scene in the prison (which Carrey based on a scene in Midnight Cowboy).

Looking through Jimbo’s filmography I see that this is the last film he made before his films started to become a bit more sugar-coated. The next film he made was Liar Liar, and after that The Truman Show, both very different and not quite as good as far as I am concerned. But, has has made some memorable films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and I Love You Phillip Morris (I must watch that again too).

Bob Odenkirk had a small role with one line…

This is not the best film Jim has ever made, but I thought it was still a pretty good laugh.

Date watched: February 24th
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2018: 19

Yes Man

I have had a hankering to watch a Jim Carrey film film recently, so I chose this one.

The last time I watched this was back in 2011, and I had seen it at least once before that, so I remembered most of the story and jokes. Still, I found it to be quite enjoyable again.

Jim Carrey was the highlight of course, but Rhys Darby was great in his role, basically playing his character from Flight of the Conchords again. Zooey Deschanel was also tops.

The story was a bit silly, and quite standard really, but Jim made it fun to watch, although he has been funnier in other films.

He seems to have stepped away from comedic roles, and films in general. I see on Wikipedia that he will be starring in a new TV series next year called “Kidding”, which is described as a “dramedy”, he is also one of the executive producers.

Not essential, but it is harmless fun.

Date watched: February 17th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2018: 16

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton

I am a fan of both Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman, so this was an essential watch.

This is a documentary about the making of the Jim Carrey film “Man on the Moon”, and also about Andy Kaufman. Sitting in a studio, sporting a full beard, Jim is interviewed about the film and comments on previously unseen footage that is shown throughout the documentary.

Jim actually went into full Method acting throughout the making of the film, between shots he was either Andy Kaufman or Tony Clifton, the whole time. I thought he took it a bit too far as he was really getting on people’s nerves at times, and really pissed Jerry Lawler off. In reality Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler were friends and were both in on the joke as far as the wrestling goes. Jim though treated his relationship on set with Lawler the same as the one we saw in the famous David Letterman appearance. Then again, perhaps the behind the scenes footage was also staged, and the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes will show a normal Jim Carrey.

But, apart from the Jim Carrey histrionics it was an interesting look into the minds of Andy Kaufman and Jim Carrey.

Jim hasn’t really made a funny film for quite some time now, and it appears he has no major film coming up.

Date watched: November 23rd
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2017: 132

Dumb and Dumber To

I liked the first Dumb and Dumber, it was just silly, stupid, and crude fun. This one is basically just more of the same.

Jeff Daniels does a good job again of holding his own against Jim Carrey, with the supporting cast doing fine, including a funny Kathleen Turner. There were some pretty funny jokes, but some not so, same as the original.

There were plenty of references to the first film, and cameos including a guy by the name of Cam Neely who is some hotshot Canadian ice hockey player, and who was also in the original. Bill Murray was had a cameo as a meth cook, but I did not realise this until just now, we never saw his face in his scene. Apparently Eric Scmidt of Google had filmed a cameo, but it was not included. Weird!

All in all I enjoyed it, but the interweb critics didn’t like it as much with only a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It made bucket loads of cash though, more than the original, and was Jimbo’s best opening weekend since Bruce Almighty back in 2003. Jimbo needs to get back to his roots methinks.

Date watched: October 8th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 154


Fun with Dick and Jane

I watched this thinking I had seen it maybe a year or so ago, but as it turns out I watched it in February this year. Dang!

In my February review I said it was quite forgettable, and a bit disjointed in story. However, I now think I was a bit harsh on it, as I enjoyed it this time around, perhaps the cold winter weather at the time did not put me in a good film watching frame of mind.

There were some funny moments in this, mostly from Jim Carrey of course, but the rest of the cast had some good scenes too, especially Téa Leoni and Alec Baldwin. The story was nothing special, but in a Jim Carrey comedy that does not matter much at all.

I’ll have to watch the new Dumb & Dumber film, the first was one of Jim’s funnier films so I am interested to see how this one stacks up.

Date watched: August 19th
Score: 7/10 (6 last time)
Film count 2016: 134