Casino Royale

James wanted to watch a Bond film in the weekend, so he chose this one as he has not seen it yet.

I have seen this a couple of times before at least, with my last post about it way back in 2012. So here is what I wrote that time:

I saw this a few years back for the first time and decided to watch it again to see how well it has stood up after seeing most of the older Bond movies.

And I was quite impressed. Daniel Craig was as good as I remember and the rest of the film was much more polished, mature and action-like than any Bond film before it, but pretty much minus the camp Bond humour. That though did not matter too much, this seemed more like a proper action/thriller/spy film that can hold it’s own against the Jason Bourne and Tom Cruise flicks that could have easily wiped out Bond if he did not get up with the times.

Hopefully Daniel Craig does a few more Bond films.

I am in agreeance with myself on what I wrote, but I don’t agree with my score of 8.5 out of 10, it was a tad too generous. There were a few long scenes where the story slowed down just a bit too much and I was longing for some action sequences. The poker game for example dragged on a bit which could have been shortened or livened up a bit with a shootout at some point. And the romance storyline in the third act, which seemed like it was tacked on, was kind of dull… it too needed a shootout scene or at least a car chase somewhere.

But these gripes aside it was still a good Bond film, and solidified Daniel Craig as a very worthy Bond.

Date watched: August 3rd
Score: 7.5/10
James’ score: 7.5/10
Film count 2019: 22

Quantum of Solace

I saw this some time back but as I watched it tonight I realised I did not pay much attention to it the first time, lots of it I just don’t remember, perhaps I was doing something else at the same time.

Not as bad as it is made out to be but not nearly as good as Casino Royale. The story was a bit muddled at times, but with the writer’s strike at the time I guess they did the best they could. Still, there were some good actions sequences and Daniel Craig is still one of the best Bonds I think.

I am looking forward to Skyfall. I was hoping to get to the theatre to see it but that chanced passed, oh well. I’ll have to wait a while for the Blu-Ray to come out. Bums.

Date watched: January 13th
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2013: 4

For Your Eyes Only

Another mediocre Roger Moore Bond film. It was better than Octopussy but not as good as The Man With The Golden Gun.

It lacked a decent villain. At the beginning, where it shows Bond in a previous mission, the villain was obviously the inspiration for Dr. Evil in Austin Powers. But this film just had a guy with an accent and he wasn’t in it all that much. Even his henchman was nothing special, all he had was octagonal glasses with which to terrorise.

The rest of it was standard, sometimes there were some good actions scenes but on the whole it just plodded along. The locations were great though, filmed mostly in Greek islands. The Margaret Thatcher parody is the best bit. There is no M in this film.

Date watched: August 12th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2012: 74

The Man with the Golden Gun

After Octopussy I felt like watching another Bond film, one that is hopefully better. I read that this one is supposed to be good so I got it out on Blu-Ray.

And it was much better than Octopussy. For a start it didn’t have nearly as much of the silly jokes or gimmicky ways of bumping the bad guys off. Roger Moore was considerably younger and a lot more suave and secret agenty. The supporting cast was a lot better too. Christopher Lee was the main bad dude and was quite good. His side-kick was Herve Villechaize, that little dude from Fantasy Island. It also had Britt Ekland, an actress I had never really seen in a film before, she was funnies.

There wasn’t a Bond car in this one, just a few ugly AMC cars (an American car company long gone) and some tuk-tuks. There was a tuk-tuk scene where a cyclist rides between two tuk-tuks, narrowly missing them. This was not supposed to happen, some dude accidentally got onto the set during filming but they added it in.

So it was much better than Octopussy but still not a great Bond film.

Date watched: August 8th
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2012: 73

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

I had been wanting to see this one because of George Lazenby, to see if he was any good. He was alright but not nearly as good as Connery before him or Moore after. He did only one Bond film because his agent convinced him that the part was too uncool for the hip 70’s. Diana Rigg was in it too and she was great, and even Telly Savalas as the bad dude was not too shabby although his character didn’t really do many dastardly deeds.

The locations were good, mostly filmed in Switzerland so there were lots of mountain shots and a good car chase scene at a stock car race on ice, and a ski chase as well as a bobsleigh chase.

Not the best Bond movie by far, and so far of the Bond movies I have seen this is the weakest but still worth at least one watch.

Score: 6.5/10
Bond-O-meter: 5/10
Movie count 2011: 76