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A Plethora of Piling-up Platters

The music is piling-up next to me at my desk, so much so that I am running out of space to put it all before it goes into the shelf of musical joys. So here is what there is in no particular order, some of it unlistened to at this point.

Bob Dylan, Billboard Hits U.S.A.
This is my latest purchase, just a few hours old actually. I found this in Book Off, el cheapo, and bought it because it is Bob, and because it was released by some obscure label who seemed to want to make a quick buck (really cheap looking cover). I looked it up online and it is not an official release. But, it has Bob’s early songs like “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, so it will be worth it in spades.

Green Day, 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
My quest to get all of the major releases by Green Day is almost at an end with the purchase of this early album. It is pretty raw stuff, but it is Green Day through and through.

Slipknot, Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
I have been a Slipknot fan for a while, but this is actually the first CD I have bought of theirs. I have yet to listen to it.

Punk-O-Rama, #5
My Punk-O-Rama buying-O-rama continues with this purchase from Amazon for 1 yen plus postage. Most of the artists on this are the usual suspects such as Pennywise, Refused, Rancid, and Voodoo Glow Skulls, all ace punkster bands.

Bad Religion, Tested
I have only got into Bad Religion recently, all due to the Punk-O-Rama series. They are awfully good. This is their “First official Bad Religion live album, featuring 3 brand new songs” according to the sticker on the cover. Before buying it at Mandai Shoten (one of my CD-hunting haunts) I checked it out online and one reviewer said it is an excellent live album, so that was good enough for me.

The Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
This was dirt cheap because the sticker attached to the cover by the fine staff at Mandai Shoten said it was scratched. When I took this to the counter (along with Bad Religion, Foo Fighters, and Green Day) the staff guy showed me the disc so I could see the damage… I saw absolutely nothing. Looking at it just now I found a tiny spec which at first looked like dust, but it is indeed a defect, but nothing to worry about at all, and it ripped just fine. Anyway, this is Smashing Pumpkins so it may or may not be anything more than decent.

Foo Fighters, One By One
I am almost caught up with buying Foo Fighters releases. And did you know they have a new album coming out soon?

Green Day, International Superhits!
This was not an essential purchase at all as it is a kind of best-of album. But there are three unreleased tracks, and for only 108 yen it was more than worth it. Plus one song is called J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva) which is nifty.

Dinosaur Jr., Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not
And lastly is this download from Bandcamp. It is queued up in my playlist, right after Green Day. Looking forward to it immensely.

Album count 2017: 64

Rise of The Offspring

This week saw two visits to Mandai Shoten, one of my sources of used CDs. I went there on Monday night as I just felt like it, and today with James as he wanted to buy some comics there today.

The Offspring, Rise,and Fall, Rage and Grace album
I have gone The Offspring nutty after buying my first CD from them last week. This album was released in 2008, and is good stuff.

The Offspring, Conspiracy of One album
I haven’t listened to this 2000 release yet. The cover has a flaming skull… must be good then.

The Offspring, Splinter album
This and the following were all bought today. I have yet to listen to this.

The Offspring, Want You Bad EP
This has five tracks, with the title track coming from the Conspiracy of One album. There is a good cover of Autonomy by The Buzzcocks, and a couple of live tracks. They sound like a good band live.

Nirvana, From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah album
It is Nirvana, and it was cheap. Good combo.

Sum 41, Underclass Hero album
Sum 41 are a good punk band from Canada, kind of the Canadian version of Green Day.

Green Day, Shenanigans album
This is a compilation of B-sides, rarities, covers, and an unreleased track.

All of the above CDs were cheap, all up it cost me less than the price of two Big Mac combo meals (I always order fries and a diet coke in my combo). So, not only am I getting good music, I am also doing my health a lot of good.

Album count 2017: 15

Green Day and Beastie Boys

Today, after playing tennis with James and Hana, James requested that we go to Toys ‘R Us so he could play his favourite arcade game there. So whilst James and Hana were doing that, I perused the used CDs in Book Off.

I came out with “Dookie” by Green Day, and “Hot Sauce Committe – Part Two” by the Beasties.

No need to make any comments on either of them, both are gold.

Album count 2013: 130

Green Day and Soundgarden

I went on my two-weekly trip to Book Off last night, and bought two CDs.

The first was Green Day’s ‘Nimrod’ album. Looking through my Green Day releases I realised I did not have this album, and I knew it was at Book Off for only 250 yen, so that was on my list of CDs to get. Good album too.

I decided to buy one more CD while I was there, and after toing and froing between various CDs I chose ‘Down on the Upside’, which was released in 1996. I listened to it today and it did not grab me really, nowhere near as good as their earlier stuff but still respectable.

Album count 2013: 18

New albums

I went on a bit of a CD spending spree recently. One thing I wanted to do while in Tokyo last week was go to Tower Records in Shibuya and walk out with a few albums, which I did. I actually knew what I wanted to get beforehand, the three new albums from Green Day and the new album from Anaal Nathrakh. I didn’t get Anaal Nathrakh then, it was expensive, but I did get ‘Uno’, ‘Dos’, and ‘Tre’ by Green Day. I have listened to ‘Uno’ and ‘Dos’ so far. They are not bad but not Green Day’s best. They are obviously trying to go back to their roots with a much more punky sound and attitude. Billie though sounds a bit out of it at times, which wouldn’t surprise me as reports as I read about him going a bit nuts on stage last year and checking into rehab.

So after getting back home I found the new Anaal Nathrakh album ‘Vanitas’ on Amazon for a decent price, so ordered it along with a Suicide Silence album. The Anaal Nathrakh album is pretty good, heavy and fast as Anaal Nathrakh is known for, but a little more melodic than past albums with more squiggly-wiggly guitar solos. Not their best but I am happy with it.

Until a few days ago I had never heard of Suicide Silence. I discovered a great website called Loudwire which is a music site mostly composed of metal news. Anyhoo, I read an article about deaths in 2012 of various band members. One was a guy by the name of Mitch Lucker who was the vocalist of Suicide Silence until he crashed his motorcycle and died in November. Apon investigating about him and his band I thought I would check out their musical compositions and I liked what I heard. So, I ordered their album ‘The Cleansing’ and it turned out to be jolly good. Serendipity is the best way to find new music sometimes.

I have been listening to an audiobook written and read by Pete Townsend recently. This made me want to get some more ‘The Who’ albums so I went down to Book Off last night and found ‘The Kids are Alright’. It turned out to be mostly live recordings but is still a good listen. They are obviously a great band to see live, their sound and musicianship are easy to hear on this even though it was copied from analogue tapes. I likes.

I also bought a Röyksopp album called ‘Melody A.M.’ for 105 yen, and it is pretty good.

And tonight I bought a Bromheads album called ‘On the Brain’ which is their second album, and pretty much completes my Bromheads collection. I like their music a lot, and their DIY way of getting their music out. They have a new album coming out in April. This was an MP3 download on Amazon, the actual CD is expensive. I haven’t listened to this yet, but it will be fab I am sure.

Album count 2013: 7

Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown

I bought this used on Amazon, it was 199 yen plus 340 yen postage. Buying used CDs from Amazon is good for stuff I can’t find locally. I have some more on the way, I paid only 1 yen each for them, plus the postage, but more about those after they arrive.

I had heard that this album was not all that great, and after listening to it today I can say that it is mostly true. There are some good tracks on the album but most are nothing special by Green Day standards. It is jusy as noisy as previous albums, has some good riffs and stuff, but just doesn’t seem to work for some reason.

I will listen to it again, but probably not as much as their earlier stuff. I am looking forward to listening to their new trilogy albums though.

Score: 7/10
Album count 2012: 54