Far Cry 5

Over the years I have played many different games franchises such as Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, Just Cause, Need For Speed, and a few others. My favourite FPS is Far Cry because you can just run around anywhere, there is plenty to shoot at, the missions are fun, and the worlds are huge. So when Far Cry 5 came out I was looking forward to seeing where the game goes. New games these days though are expensive, so I waited until the price dropped, and luckily I was able to buy it during a special discount weekend on Origin for a very decent price.

I played this a few weeks ago, just after having completed Far Cry 4 for maybe the third or fourth time. So I was looking forward to spending a few weeks getting through it. Unfortunately though it was a shorter game than previous games, and when it came to and end I was disappointed, it seemed a bit short. I am not one for going through and completing all of the side missions, and collecting all of the secrets, so I just blasted through the main story.

Overall it is not as good as Far Cry 4 which is a hoot of a game. Whereas FC4 had a lot of humour mixed in with a dramatic story, FC5 was mostly drama, and at times quite depressing. The main evil dude was a nutjob cult leader, very much like that Waco guy, and he wants to basically end mankind. It is all set somewhere in backwoods U.S.A. which looks great, but is not exotic like the locations in previous games. It didn’t really do anything new either, it was just more of the same in a new location.

Shooting stuff though is still fun, and overall it is a satisfying game to play, but I would still rate this third behind FC4 and FC3.

It will be interesting to see what they do for the next game.

Far Cry 4

This is a game I bought a few years back now (it was released in 2014), and recently I completed it in full for the third time. I realised though that I had not reviewed it.

A few weeks ago I actually installed Far Cry 3 again, but minutes into the game I got tired as it seemed dated. So I installed FC4 and instantly was having fun.

It is quite a large game with plenty of missions to get through, lots of baddies to shoot, and side missions to complete. It is also great to look at, and has a pretty good story. It is also a funny game with plenty of silly humour and some nutty characters such as Yogi and Reggie – a couple of British dudes who like to experiment with drugs.

My weapon of choice in most FPS games such as this is a sniper rifle, and this game has an excellent one. I always bling it out with a silencer, extended cartridge, and camo colours. It is very satisfying to liberate an outpost by sniping all of the baddies from a high vantage point from a distance, watching them run around trying to find you. Throwing molotovs at them is fun too.

I can’t think of any negatives really. Maybe some of the side missions are a tad tedious and pointless, but overall this is a brillo game, probably my all-time favourite FPS game.

Far Cry 5 turned up on Origin for a discounted price recently (it was too pricey for me up to then), so I bought it. So far it is pretty good, but while the graphics are very nice, the location and mood of the game is not as good as FC4. Having said that it is still a blast to play, and the sniper rifle I just pimped out is fun to use. But, more on that after I finish the game.

Far Cry 3

This came out late last year, and after playing the first two games which I enjoyed lots, I had to get this straight away.

And I burned through it pretty quickly, especially over the last week or so, it was hard to stop playing at times.

It is a long game though, it took over 27 hours playing time to get through it, so it was worth every yen. Like the other games it requires a lot of running around doing missions and following the story, shooting up bad guys along the way. There are lots of weapons to play with, but I usually stuck to sniper rifles, machine guns or the flamethrower. I am not so good at close combat so I like to shoot stuff with the sniper rifle.

Like the first game this is set on tropical islands so looks great, and you can get around by boat, car, jet-ski, or just run everywhere which is what I liked to do. There are various side missions to do, but I basically just raced through the story without doing many missions.

The graphics are great, although I could have done with a slightly more powerful computer at times, even though my computer is no slouch. The voice actors were very impressive, and the island natives were obviously voiced by Aucklanders (I confirmed this in the end credits).

It is pretty violent, and there is lots of swearing. Games seem to be trying to emulate films.

I will lay off the games for a while now.

Games played 2013: 1

Far Cry 2

This is a first-person shooter I finished recently.

Pretty good game too although it was a bit repetitive for a lot of the game. In this game instead of following a set course you are free to roam where ever you wish and complete missions or side missions as you come across them. The map is huge, so huge that to get from one area to another it is quicker to catch a bus which transports you to another area, rather than driving by car or taking a boat. It is set in Africa and looks pretty good although I prefer the tropical islands of the first game.

There are plenty of weapons to buy and shoot stuff up with, my fave being various sniper rifles, the grenade launcher, and the flame-thrower. The enemies were neither too easy to have shoot-outs with, nor too difficult. I died quite a few times though, some situations were a bit tricky and because I forgot to save regularly I had to start again at points way back in time.

It was a long game too, I don’t know how many hours I played it for but it was over 24 at least.

Good game

Score: 8/10
Games finished 2012: 2