The Dark Path

I have not managed to get back into watching films recently after a long break, so to break my drought I decided to watch this 1948 psychological thriller film noir last night.

This one is about a police psychologist played by Lee J. Cobb who is held hostage by a troubled crim played by William Holden who just busted out of the joint. It is all rather melodramatic, poorly written, and despite the good cast the acting is overdone. I cringed several times at the corny dialogue and silly situations, but mostly at the forced dramatic acting of Cobb and Holden who seemed to be trying for Oscar glory, but failing miserably.

One highlight though was recognising Ellen Corby of The Waltons fame, although her role mostly involved snivelling.

Skip this, unless you are an Ellen Corby fan.

And here is Ellen Corby with Will Geer. He was an interesting chap, read about him on Wikipedia.

Date watched: June 15th
Film count 2017: 69