Deaf Non-Plussed JPEG Kid Swims

I have one CD and four Bandcamp purchases to report on.

Die! Die! Die! – Swim

Die! Die! Die! is a Dunedin band I have been slowly collecting releases from. They are classed as a punk band, but that is not really accurate…more of a noise rock band, not that it really matters.

This album came out in 2014 and I remember at the time wanting to get it, but forgot about it. So finally I bought it on Bandcamp, and while it is nothing new from them it is still a very worthy album.

They released a new album last year, so I will get around to buying that some day.

Radiohead – Kid A

As I have mentioned before I am not a huge Radiohead fan, but I never pass up a chance to buy an album of theirs if it is a reasonable price. I paid 300 yen for this I think, which is a bargain for a used Radiohead CD. A sticker on the cover said it had scratches, but I just cannot see any damage whatsoever on the CD although the plastic case is a bit roughed up so perhaps that is it.

The music itself is good, but does not grab me any more than any other Radiohead album. No regrets though.

Deafheaven – Roads to Judah

My obsession with Deafheaven continues with this Bandcamp purchase, their first album.

Actually, I have not had a good listen, but what I have heard is pure aural bliss. You can decide for yourself by listening to them here.

JPEGMafia – Veteran

Earlier tonight I did a search on Googles for “best of Bandcamp” and found this experimental hip hop release. It was a “Name your price” release, so I paid a few dollars and gleefully downloaded it.

Again, I have not had a good listen, but I have been getting into experimental hip hop recently and this one seems like a pretty good one. Listen for yourself, that is the best thing to do.

NONPLUS 043 – Pre Dawn / Indoors by Burial

While I was on Bandcamp earlier I decided to see if Burial had any new releases, and on his page there was nothing. But, after following a few links I came across this two-track release.

NONPLUS is a record label in the U.K. and this appears to be the only Burial release they have.

It is pure Burial, so is Golden Gordon all the way. Listen here.

Music count 2018: 85

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

This is the latest album by Deafheaven, a band I wish I got into a long time ago, but it ain’t no thing.

I pre-ordered this on Bandcamp a couple of months ago, and last Friday I was glued to Bandcamp, waiting for it to finally be released. I downloaded it and listened to it shortly after.

It did not disappoint. One song was released before the album came out, “Honeycomb” which I mentioned in a post back in April. I was wondering if maybe that song would be the highlight of the album, but as it turns out each and every song are works of metallic-shoegaze art (labelling Deafheaven is a tricky thing, I like to call them shoegaze metal).

Definitley not to everyone’s tastes, but I think it is pure bliss.

Music count 2018: 71

A CD and Two Downloads Later…

I thought it was time for a website refresh, so I spent some time looking through all of the WordPress themes available and found this simple and clean one that suits me just fine. I then had some more fun putting the banner together. I’ll give a virtual chocolate fish to anyone who can name all of the people/ bands in the pictures.

As for music I have bought recently, I have only three to write about…

NOFX – Punk In Drublic
NOFX are a band I have heard several songs from thanks to my complete Punk-O-Rama collection, so when I came across this at Book Off I thought I may as well buy it. This is their first album, I always like to get first albums, so that was a bonus. I have not had a good listen yet, but a quick sampling of a couple of songs suggests it is not going to disappoint.

Symbl – Serenade EP
I was thinking to myself the other day that it would be good to add some more DnB (drum and bass) to the music collection, so I sallied forth over to Bandcamp and perused their fine selection of downloads. This EP suited my wallet, and has some excellent bass, not to mention drums, so I bought it without impunity. Take a listen for yourself if you so desire… I find it toe-tappingly good.

Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love album (pre-order)
This is a band that I got into very recently, and when I saw the video for a song from their next album, which is brilliant stuff, I had to return to Bandcamp to pre-order it. The song from aforementioned video is the only song available for download at the moment, with the rest being released on July 13th. But, even just the one song is worth the $8 I virtually plonked down for this. A warning though, it is probably not to everyone’s tastes, it is a bit noisy you see.

Music count 2018: 39