CHiPs – Ride the Whirlwind (continued)

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Next, we see the druggies in their shed, making some product. Exodor looks out the window to see Sindy riding up and says to Mickey Dolenz “Someone’s gettin’ too close, let’s go run ’em off!”, so they spring into action. They don their helmets, safety first, then go out to intercept an unsuspecting Sindy. First, they stop and scope out what Sindy is doing, she has actually stopped as just seems to be taking a spell. When they realise she is a Chippie, and that she is a chick, they get excited, referring to her as a ‘She Bear’ then spring into action. In a split second Sindy puts her helmet and goggles back on and starts chasing them. They run circles around her a bit, then take off. They split up so she follows Exodor, and after some pretty wild riding she comes up beside him, but he kicks her off the track and into a creek…dirty! Ponch arrives soon after and notices Sindy is limping and says she should get it looked at. Sindy doesn’t want anyone to know she is injured so tells him not to just leave it.

Later, back at Sindy’s place, Ponch is serving a TV dinner to Sindy as she recovers on a comfy looking sofa with her foot in a bucket of water.


Jon turns up, he knows all about Grossie’s ‘fall’, and Sindy’s injured ankle…Jon is one sharp guy! They start arguing, but Ponch calls time, and cools the situation down. Both Sindy and Jon admit their ego is getting the better of them and apologise to each other. Everything is good so they take Sindy to a doctor.

Next day they are back on the case. We soon cut to the druggie’s shed and we see Exodor working on his bike. Mickey Dolenz asks him what he is doing and Exodor explains that he is rigging the spark arrestor on his bike, he has a little surprise for the ‘She Bear’. He then begins to start up his bike in the shed and Sheila shouts at him to stop, the shed could explode with all the ether around. Exodor ignores her then starts up the bike and we see sparks coming out of the exhaust. Things look risky but nothing blows up.

Not far away we see the councilman and his lady friend riding around again, even though Jon warned them the day before…some people! Ponch see’s them and takes chase. He comes tearing up in front of the Councilman and deliberately crashes his bike in front of him…


sending the Councilman off his bike, and the bike flies off a cliff and explodes into a huge fireball!


Intense! The Councilman gets pissed at Ponch, threatening all kinds of lawsuits against him. Ponch asks him to follow him, and he takes him to the edge of the cliff which the Councilman had not seen. Ponch gets angry but the Councilman gets angry back, but Ponch ain’t taking that and puts the Councilman in his place. The Councilman and the chick walk off in silence and Ponch is rather miffed at them still.

Meanwhile Sindy is scoping out the shed again and goes in for a closer look. Inside the druggies see her and get ready. Sindy gets off her bike and slowly goes in on foot. Inside the shed they decide Sindy must have called for backup, so they decide to split the heck out of there. Exodor grabs his stash and gets ready to go. Sindy is near the door when Exodor comes tearing out of the door at speed, Sindy only just diving out of the way.


Close! She jumps on her bike and takes off after him, he is not getting away this time!

What happens next is excellent! Mickey Dolenz and Sheila get their stash and jump on one bike together, then as they ride out they accidentally knock over a clearly labeled bottle of ether and sparks from the bike ignite it. A HUGE explosion completely destroys the shed, and sends Mickey Dolenz and Sheila ass-over-tits off their bike, very spectacularly! Jon is not far away and upon hearing the explosion dives off his bike to duck and cover. Safety first. He runs over to check on Mickey Dolenz and Sheila, they are shaken but fine. Here is the entire scene

Exodor is making good his escape, but Sindy is not giving up. As he rides through some bushes he uses his exhaust sparking device to set fire to it. Sindy being the responsible Chippie she is, gives up the chase to put out the fire, with Ponch turning up and helping. He says to her he will continue the chase if she can handle the fire, but Sindy tells him no, HE can handle the fire, she wants to nab Exodor. She jumps on her bike and continues the chase. She catches up with him and gets along side him, kicking him off the track, sending him into a creek, just as he did with her earlier…revenge! She quickly grabs him and handcuffs him. Then she spots his bag of stash…he is well and truly nicked!

Later, all three druggies are thrown into a patrol car and taken away. A good days work done! Jon, Ponch and Sindy then talk to each other about egos again.

Back at H.Q. the Sarge wraps up the story by telling the three that division is very pleased with the offroad Chippie team, and that Sheila had squealed on Mickey Dolenz and Exodor with evidence against them, and had even helped get a couple of buyers, presumeably the burly guy at the beginning was one of them. Sarge then tells Ponch that the Councilman is waiting to see him in the Sarge’s office. Ponch is not happy. So he goes to see him and as he enters the Sarge’s office the Councilman says “Good afternoon”, to which Ponch replies “It was”…oooh! The Councilman basically apologises for his behaviour, and explains that he was behaving that way because of the pretty chick he was with, and that it was ego. Lots of ego in this episode. They part on good terms.

Ponch meets up with Jon and Sindy outside, and the most hilarious scene ensues. It is best to actually watch the scene, the absurd hilarity of everyone standing around laughing at each other is just too good to not see. It involves the chick who was with the hoon earlier on.

The End

Well, this is the last proper episode of season two, the 23rd episode is just a montage episode called ‘The Greatest Adventures of CHiPS’, where they reminisce about the last two years of Jon and Ponch’s exploits, I won’t be reviewing that. I don’t have any more CHiPs episodes to watch unfortunately.

CHiPs – Ride the Whirlwind

This is episode 22 of season two. My last review of a CHiPs season 2 episode was episode 13 (Down Time), and the episodes between 13 and 22 were pretty crappy; terrible story lines, bad production, almost unwatchable.

But this episode returned to form, pretty much. It was directed by Larry Wilcox so maybe that had something to do with it. There were a few scenes where I laughed quite heartily.

It started off with a shot of a burly looking dude riding his trailbike across a hill way out in the L.A. wop-wops. He meets up with none other than Exodor from Mork and Mindy…



and they do a drug deal together, Exodor being the drug dealer.


Then we cut to Jon and Ponch walking past a bunch of very neatly lined-up Chippie bikes outside H.Q. Ponch is talking about a trailbike team Jon is putting together, and about Sindy joining the team which might piss off the Sarge a bit as it is meant to be volunteer only. Jon wants her because she is an ace trailbiker. Up behind them comes Grossie who is trying to listen to their conversation.


Snoop Grossie

Next, Jon and Ponch walk into the briefing room, Ponch looks around and asks Jon “Where is she?”. Jon says she’ll be here soon, then the Sarge walks in. He tells everyone that hillside residents have been calling the Chippies about illegal motorcycle riders doing some pretty naughty stuff like tearing around and damaging stuff, scaring chooks, being noisy, and causing an extreme fire hazard, outlaw bikers he called them, and rightly so. He also said they have been getting away with it for so long because the Chippie bikes are just too darn heavy for off-road baddie-nabbing. So he explained Jon’s idea of an off-road Chippie team to take down the outlaws, a team of three officers that Jon will pick. Jon is asked to pick the two officers who will join him in the team, the first being Ponch of course, and the second was supposed to be Sindy but she had not arrived.

So, after he stalled a bit the Sarge got impatient and chose Grossie because he volunteered. Just after that happened, Sindy walked in looking expectant but she was too late, exit a dejected and rather pissed looking Sindy. Cut to opening credits.


Next, we see Sindy in the officer’s coffee and doughnuts room, and she still looks pissed. Jon walks in and smooths things out between them, he is a smooth talker you see, and Sindy is not the type to hold a grudge, so everything is cool and far out. After Jon leaves Ponch tells her where the offroad Chippie team will be having trials…he is up to something!

The next day they are at an offroad track called ‘Indian Dunes’ and Jon, Grossie, and Ponch show us their offroad biking skills. Gnarly! Then a mystery biker shows them up doing a between them! It’s Sindy!


She joins them as they continue to show off their mad skillz. Sindy does several wheelies in front of the camera, she truly is an ace. But then, as they go over a jump Grossie falls off and starts limping, he is a bit hurt. Jon and Sindy tear off while Ponch hangs with Grossie…turns out Ponch paid Grossie to take a fall so Sindy could join the team. Grossie admits though that he was thinking of taking a fall even before Ponch asked him to, but he decided to take Ponch’s money! Ha!

Back at base Sarge was a bit miffed that Sindy was joining the team, he thought it was too risky for her to join because the offroad team had to look really good to division if it was to succeed. Pressure! Jon stood up for Sindy though.

We cut to a small shed, somewhere out in the wop-wops, and inside we see a PCP lab, and a guy who reminded me of Mickey Dolenz, and his girlfriend who has been dipping into the product and not feeling too good, Sheila is her name.Then Exodor comes in an complains about them using the product and gets pretty angry. Dolenz doesn’t care, but he agrees to make another batch of PCP.


Mickey Dolenz

Not far away it turns out the Chippie team is on their first day of offroad action. They all split up and search for trouble. The first to find it is Jon who hears gunshots and finds a lady in a stetson who is pretty pissed about something.


I’m pissed!

She mistakes Jon for an outlaw biker and gets a bit ornery. It turns out the real outlaws had only just run through her garden and scared the chooks and all, that is when she was shootin’. Jon smooth talks her and she calms down, the gun it turns out was only full of rock salt, but Jon wisely informs her it could still mess up someone’s complexion quite a bit, she should call the Chippies instead. He asks her where they went, then leaves with a smile to cement his charming smoothness.


“My helmet is too big!”

Next we see a dude and his chick friend biking across the hills, stop and decide they are going to go over to the east and do some off-camber jumps…technical stuff.


Dude and chick

But before they can leave, Ponch turns up and tells them they are in a restricted area and asks for ID. They dude tells him he owns the land to which Ponch replies “Oh, it’s beautiful, congratulations! Now can I see your IDs please?” Haha! Classic! The dude gets uppity and asks Ponch if he knows who he is, “Walter Dunlap, does that ring bell?”, then the chick chimes in with “COUNCILMAN Walter Dunlap!”. Ponch ain’t heard of him and insists on ID, then writes a citation. Ponch does his job well and with integrity!

Finally, we get to see the real outlaws, a guy and his chick friend who is actually trying to stop her hoon friend stop trying to run over some chooks…bastard!


Chook fiend

Jon turns up and gives the hoon a good telling off. Jon finds lettuce in the back wheel of the hoon’s bike…yup he was the guy tearing around the old lady’s garden…good detective work there.



The chick asks Jon if he needs her contact details, with a twinkle in her eye. Jon is pleased.




Happy Jon

That is the half way point of this episode…to be continued.

Edit: Part 2 here

CHiPs – Peaks and Valleys

This episode is the first of season 2 and was damn good. Something that has changed in the new season is the theme music at the beginning. It is has an even more disco sound to it with a little funk added in. Here is the season 1 theme music…

And the new improved extra-funk season 2 version…

So this was quite a serious episode because Jon was seriously considering leaving the police to become a car sales guy. At the beginning he helped a crash victim who had this spectaclar crash in his mobile home pickup truck with his family. The wife and kids were fine but the Daddy-O was not. He was taken out of the pickup and placed on the ground by ‘two men in gold hats with brown uniforms and nice black boots’ as he later described. When the paramedics arrived one of them with big hair went berzerb at Jon for moving Daddy-O out of the pickup because he had a spinal injury. Jon denied this but Leo told him to ‘Go write a ticket or something’ and ignored poor old Jon. So later Jon was told that he was going to be charged for negligence and what-not which seriously bummed him man. You see, this smooth talking lawyer acting on behalf of Daddy-O convinced Daddy- O that charging Jon was in his best interest. Damn lawyers.

Big hair
Big hair guy.

Later, Jon pulled over a guy in a damn ugly sports convertible for speeding. The driver turned out to be an old high school classmate with cool shades and gold accessories. He recognised Jon and told him he is a used car sales guy and that Jon is wasting his talent being a Chippie, used cars is where it’s at. Jon at this point was feeling really down with the whole court case thing so when car sales guy gave him his business card he had an intense look of consideration on his face.

Car sales guy
Car Sales guy.

After that there was the hillbilly incident. Two hillbillies in a hillbilly pickup truck decided they wanted to shoot up a patrol car, so they came up with a plan. They made a call to the police saying a bunch of dirtbikers were tearing around a forest and causing trouble. Bear answered the call to investigate and Ponch did as well. Bear got to the location and saw nothing so decided to take a look-see in the forest. When he was gone the two hillbillies jumped out from behind a tree, one with a shotgun and the other with a tommy gun! When they were sure Bear was far enough away they started shootin’ the patrol car to bits, all the while hootin’. and hollerin’ like they wus at the rodeo. Bear heard the shots and ran back and took cover behind a tree and by this time Ponch had also arrived and took cover. After the shooting stopped Bear busted their asses without incident. When Ponch asked them why they did it one of the hillbillies replied that it was revenge for all the stuff police do.

The Hillbillies shooting up Bear’s car.

Jon was still melancoly so decided to check out Car sales guy’s job. He went to his car yard and after seeing Care Sales guy’s smooth car sales guy talk he seemed to not like the whole idea and said he would think about it.

Next, they went to a high school to promote a career as a Chippie to a bunch of students, most of whom were blonde girls. After Jon finished giving the police career talk he asked if there were any questions. One blonde asked him ‘What is it that is best about being a Chippie?’, so Ponch said ‘Let’s show them!’ Jon and Ponch then did some cool motorbike stunts like standing on the motorbike seat while riding, and riding side-saddle. It was super! Jon seemed to overcome his melancoly at this point, he realised maybe he loved being a Chippie.

Bike stunts.

So Jon decided to go see Daddy-O in the hospital and see if he could sort things out. They asked Daddy-O if he really thought it was Jon who pulled him out of the pickup. He insisted it was, saying it was the honest truth. Then Jon asked the mother and daughter if they saw Jon there. The mother and daughter said no but the daughter said young Billy saw someone pull Daddy-O out of the pickup. He said it was a guy with a gold hat, brown uniform and nice black boots. Then Daddy-O said,
‘Oh, wait! Gold hat, brown uniform, nice black boots…it must have been a power company dude. Dang! Sorry about that!’ So Jon was off the hook and all smiles. Yay!

Power guys
The real culprits. Dang! You can see why Daddy-O mistook them for Chippies, those threads, hats and nice black boots look just like CHP uniforms. After they put Daddy-O down they took off.

So the episode ended with Jon and Ponch going to a disco night with two ladies they had met that day in a minor side story. Ponch had some smokin’ disco moves (Erik Estrada obviously enjoyed showing off his demon disco dancing here). After the dancing they sat down with the ladies but soon after a lady collapsed on the dance floor because she was about to have a baby, too much disco dancing does that. Jon and Ponch rushed down to the dancefloor and delivered the baby right there and it was a boy. The DJ came up to them, another guy with big hair, and shoved a microphone in front of Jon and Ponch and asked their names. The DJ then said to the audience ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the two doctors who delivered a baby boy, Jon and Ponch! Yay!’. Ponch then whispered something in the DJ’s ear and the DJ said ‘Oh, they are not doctors everybody. What in heck are you then?’. Ponch proudly announced they are California Highway Patrol Officers and everybody cheered with glee. Jon had a big smile on his face, his crisis was over! Yay!

Disco Ponch
Disco Ponch.

Thumbs up
We delivered a baby, huzzah!

And in today’s episode we were introduced to a new comic relief team of Harlan and his dog. Harlan is the new CHP mechanic, a short fella with, yup, big hair. I remembered him instantly when I saw him. Harlan is a stickler for cleanliness and is kind of a smartass but in a lovable way. And his sidekick dog is a lazy but also lovable mutt, Dave.
Here is a shot of the Sarge, Harlan and Dave taken from this episode. The Sarge is about to make a joke about Harlan’s height in this scene.

Sarge about to make a short joke.

There were a few other side stories in the episode such as the flaming trailer incident and the mysterious T-Bird chick (she was the one who invited Jon and Ponch to the disco) but I have written enough.

Memorable episode.

Here is the theme music for season three. Different.

Funniest CHiPs moment

The funniest episode so far has been Season 1, Episode 12 titled ‘Aweigh we go’. Jon and Ponch are assigned to a highway weigh station because they are short staffed. They are not happy about this but the Sarge ordered them so that was that. But of course it turned out to be an adventure and they busted a few crims while they were at it.
But the funniest thing in the whole episode, if not the season so far was this. They scoped two dudes, one in a Mustang and the other in a huge hot van (vans in those days were hip, man). They just started a drag race together so Jon and Ponch tore off after them. This race by the way should have been very one-sided, there is no way a van could out-run or even keep up to a Mustang, even though the van had a huge V8 in it. The two dudes, who giving each other the eye at the start of the race and looking as mean and tough as they could, each turned onto two different roads when they realised they were being chased by the ‘Chippies’. Jon followed the van dude and the chase quickly ended when the van went off the road and got stuck in dirt. Jon went up to the guy and said “OK, you just steered yourself into jail, now get out!”. Cool.
Ponch chased the Mustang dude for a few corners so we could get a few good shots of Ponch looking heroic, then the funniest part came. The Mustang dude looks over his shoulder at the heroic Ponch and while doing so the steering wheel comes off in his hands. He turns back and looks at the steering wheel in his hands with this expression on his face…
The look of terror on this bad actors face was damn funny, I laughed about it for ages after. Anyway, he for some reason wrestles with the wheel as if it is fighting him then spins off the road. He gets out of the car, still holding the wheel, and stumbles around looking dazed. Ponch comes up to him and says “OK hotdog, the race is over and you lost. Now turn around!”.
The main story in this episode is about some mean dudes who are truck theives. They hang around truck stops and nick off with trucks. This is where Jon and Ponch’s transfer to the weigh station neatly fits in with the plot. They bust them of course.
The comedic relief at the end of the story involved a boat that the Sarge, Jon and Ponch all bought together and worked on in the episode. At the end they took their newly fixed-up boat to a lake and were preparing to go. Ponch jumps into the boat from the jetty and makes a huge hole in the bottom of the boat, so while the end credits were running it would play the reactions of everyone and freeze frame for a second or so on the funny situation. This freeze frame thing is done in almost every episode and always involves some funny situation. Here is the last freeze shot from that episode.
Ponch sinks da boat

Other bits:
Jon drives a Mini, yellow with double brown stripes going from the bonnet and across the roof. It also has a sunroof and is right hand drive, quite a unique car.
Jon and Mini
His apartment has a turnstile in the kitchen, must have been a fad in those days.
He is a popular guy in his apartment building, especially with the ladies who all seem to be supermodels and always walking around in swimsuits or tennis outfits. Some of them do his cleaning for him. In return he lets them use his veranda because it gets the sun all day long and they can get a good tan. Most of them are blonde.
In the episode I watched last night we learn a little about Ponch’s life as a young dude. He grew up in a rough neighbourhood and was quite the rapscallion. He did of course change his ways but he refused to elaborate on this when asked by Jon about it, “For another episode” was his answer or thereabouts.