City Lights

Another Charlie Chaplin disappoint here.

Of all the Chaplin films I have seen so far only The Circus and The Kid have been stand-outs, the others were just silly slapstick fests, which is what this one was.

There were no innovative, funny, or clever scenes in this that really stood out, although the boxing scene had it’s moments. Reviews on the interwebs though call it “excruciatingly funny”, “touching”, and such like.

It isn’t bad, but I was expecting more.

Buster Keaton is for me the best silent comedian ever, he never disappoints.

Date watched: March 12th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2016: 47

Modern Times

Another Charlie Chaplin film, but I thought it has been the weakest of his films I have seen so far.

It was not as inventive as The Kid or The Circus, but it obviously had a bigger budget. The sets in side the factory were quite elaborate, and some of the stunts they did there were impressive.

Charlie did some great stunts, especially his rollerskating skills. And the scene involving nose powder was quite funny, and controversial for the day. Some gags though were a bit flat, or were just plain slapstick.

This gets high ratings on the interwebs, but while it was entertaining I was a little disappointed.

Date watched: May 7th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2015: 63

The Circus

This is my second Charlie Chaplin film, and was just as good as The Kid I reckon.

This is a 1928 film (seven years after The Kid) and is of course set in a circus. Charlie sang the opening song in this, as well as writing, directing, producing, and starring in it, quite the talented chap.

Some of the stunts he did were fabs, especially the tightrope sequence which probably had hidden safety harnesses and nets, but it was still mighty impressive. It was quite funny in places too, and some of his gags were timed perfectly.

Buster Keaton is still my fave silent age comedian, but Chaplin now comes in a very close second.

Date watched: April 20th
Score: 10/10
Film count 2015: 57

I’ll watch this later…