Bubba Ho-Tep

I had seen this many years ago, before this blog started, but I wanted to see it again as I had forgotten a lot of it and anything with Bruce Campbell is always pure gold.

The story was slow moving, but Bruce’s portrayal of Elvis Presley held the whole thing together, as well as Ossie Davis as a fellow who thought he was John F. Kennedy. Add in an Egyptian mummy who is slowly picking off the old people where Elvis and JFK live by sucking their souls out through their behinds and you have quite a unique story at least. The story is also about growing old and just how much it sucks, as well as the pitfalls of fame.

I haven’t seen many films about Elvis, if any, but I would say that Bruce’s portrayal of him is the best ever and will never be topped. He was in no way mocking Elvis, and his Elvis accent was spot on. One of the greats is Bruce.

The film cost a million bucks to make (and made 1.2 million), but it did not feel too much like a low budget film. It was shot well and the supporting cast were not B-grade actors. The only disappointment is the mummy which just looked like a zombie wearing a cowboy outfit.

Another classic Bruce film, not his best, but still well worth a watch.

Date watched: March 30th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2018: 25

Army of Darkness

After re-watching Evil Dead I and II recently, I thought I would check out the less often watched third film of the series.

Unfortunately though, this one just doesn’t compare to the other two films. A lot of this was silly slapstick, quite childish at times, especially the scene in the windmill with the little Ash minions, and the skeleton army battle scene at the end.

But, there were some funny moments, and a few groovy one-liners here and there. This version of the film was the director’s cut, so had the alternative ending (see below).

I really need to see Ash vs Evil Dead, but it is not available here yet.

Date watched: March 10th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2016: 45

Alien Apocalypse

I chose this thinking I had not seen it, but it turns out I had way back in May, 2009. I gave it 7 out of 10 then. I had forgotten most if it though, just remembering a few things here and there.

Bruce was doing his thing, no complaints there of course. The other actors were amateurs except for the guy who played The President, he was given “special apperance by” treatment in the opening credits. He looked familiar and turns out is a very prolific actor. Peter Jason is his name.

Nothing to rave about at all, and is probably one of Bruce’s worst films, so my first score of 7 was maybe a bit too optimistic, I guess I was just so pleased to see Bruce again.

Date watched: February 21st
Score: 3/10
Bruce-O-score: 7/10
Film count 2015: 26

The Man With The Screaming Brain

This is a Bruce film so it is automatically good.

As well as starring in this, he also wrote and directed this, his first feature film to direct actually. Ted Raimi (Sam’s bro) was also in this, as was Stacy Keach.

This is real B-grade film material, and was made in Bulgaria to save money. But it is actually quite funny in places with a silly but fun story.

The extras on the DVD are good too, you can see one below the trailer.

Date watched: December 2nd
Score: 7/10
Film count 2012: 119