The first film of my B-gradefest, and it was not much.

Basically it was about a young man named Scott who got into trouble with the law, lost his driver’s license, then asked his rich daddy if he could go drag racing. His rich daddy was not keen at first, but he said “OK, let’s do this! But, I am in TO WIN”. So they went off to some actual drag racing guys and asked them to build the best drag racer money can buy, and so they did.

After three failed races in which Scott jumped the light twice, and the engine blew up in the third, he went to his rich daddy and said “I am tired of all this pressure to win from you, I am going to do this myself”. Selfish if you ask me.

So the rest of the film was about him joining a drag racing team as a crew member, and getting a drive when the main driver got into a spot of bother, he then went on to come second in some championship.

The main problems with this were that all of the drag racing footage was stock footage, and there was a lot of it. You don’t actually see Scott race a car at all, just a random car from stock footage which doesn’t match the one built for him. The acting was not flashy, just people saying their lines, and it was just plain dull.

The film poster for this is very misleading, it makes the film looking exciting and I don’t know why those three ladies are there…


There were some ladies in the film, handing out postcards or something…


Here is rich daddy’s reaction after receiving a card from them…


Avoid. Watch the video below instead… wheee!

Date watched: June 25th
Score: 1/10 (for the drag racing bits, which were not all that great really)
Film count 2016: 107


I discovered a website called http://wrongsideoftheart.com today. It has lots of B-Grade film posters on it which I might print out and put on the wall.

It also inspired me to watch more B-Grade films so I will skip the art house idea for now, and choose films according to their film posters, starting with one called Burnout which looks pretty bad, but me like dragsters.


I will follow that with Raw Meat


and 18 Bronzemen.


Should be a hoot.

However, I must first finish watching Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women which I started watching last night after Carnival of Souls. Pretty trashy stuff it is.