Billy Talent III

Another band I discovered on the PSP game Burnout Legends. This is their third album, not really much different to their first two but still good stuff. The singer has a unique voice and the guitarist knows his stuff. Good Canadian hardcore rock.

Score: 8/10
Album count 2010: 13

The Academy is… Fast Times at Barrington High

I have been listening to The Academy is… since I first heard them on the PSP Burnout Legends, agame that has a great soundtrack including these guys. This album is their latest and is just as good if not better than their previous two albums. Good, harmless indies rock.

Score: 8/10
Album count 2010: 10

The Manic Street Preachers – Lifeblood

I realised recently that I don’t have all of the Manics albums, not a good thing. So I bought this and ‘Know your enemy’, on CD. This 2004 album is not as good as their more recent music but it is still a good listen and I will be listening to it on a regular basis.

Score: 8/10
Album count 2010: 8