This is the third time I have seen this, the previous time being May 2011.

And it was just as good as ever with a good story (based on a true story), great acting, and of course that shootout on the streets.

Not much more to say really. I will be watching this again in a few years time mostly likely.

Date watched: July 17th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2015: 96

Stand Up Guys

I could tell by looking at the DVD cover that the story was was to be pretty standard stuff, which it was, but it has Christopher Walken so I couldn’t pass it up.

Christopher didn’t really seem to be into it, he wasn’t his usual weird self. Al Pacino was also in this but he was just going through the Pacino motions. They were both playing old crime buddies reliving the good old days, but Christopher had to make a hit on his old buddy the day he got out of jail. The rest was predictable and bordering on boring.

Soundtrack by Bon Jon Bovi. Ho-hum.

Date watched: February 27th
Score: 4/10
Film count 2015: 28


I am not sure how many times I have watched this now, maybe four or five times.

It never gets old though, not even the 80’s fashions and heavily synthesized soundtrack can do much damage. Al Pacino was on fire.

Not quite a perfect ten, can’t say why exactly, but it is still a classic gangster film. I will have to check out the original some day.

The last time I watched this, in 2008, I said it was too dated and some of the acting was not terribly good. I also gave it seven out of ten. Can’t say I completely agree with myself there, I was a bit too harsh.

Date watched: January 18th
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2015: 11



I revisited this after many a year, must have been quite some time as I had forgotten a lot of it.

And it was pretty good too, mostly because of Al Pacino. As with Jack in The Last Detail, this film would not have been any good without Al. The other actors were terrible at times, it seemed more like some 70’s police drama than a proper film (this was made in 1973).

As it is a true story it makes it even more interesting to watch, coppers in those days were pretty crooked.

Date watched: February 24th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2013: 29

The Godfather III

I went into this knowing that it is considered a terrible film, at least when compared to the previous films. And when compared to the other two it is nowhere near as good. But it is not too bad if you just watch it as a film by itself, not bad but nothing overly special.

One problem with it was that there was too much focus on politics and financial dealings and stuff, and not enough gangster-isms. It was also a bit muddled too at times. Al Pacino annoyed me a little too. He was a great actor up until about the time this film was made, a real natural actor like DeNiro, but after his voice became gravelly he started over-acting and has not done anything great since. I hated ‘Scent of a Woman’ because of this. Anyhoo, he kind of ruined it a bit although there were scenes where he was darn good.

Not having DeNiro in it didn’t help but I guess they couldn’t write him in, or he sensed that it was going to be crappers.

Still, it was not a total loss, it was watchable and had a half decent story, it just could have done with more gangster-isms.

Date watched: September 6th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2012: 87

Here is the ending bit. Here Pacino is doing a not half bad job.