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The Ascent of Television

My film watching habit has taken a bit of a hit recently due to my increased viewing of YouTubes and television series. I am also buying less music than usual, so I am not writing as much in this blog as I would like to, and I do like to write don’t you know? So, I have decided to write about the television series I complete, and a brief post about any new series that I start.

I will start with series one of Stranger Things which I completed a few weeks ago on Netflix (I have since ended my Netflix membership). There was a lot of talk about how brillo this series was so I was looking forward to watching it. And while it was an excellent series overall it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. The story was quite standard stuff, and the outcome was what you would have expected, and it left some loose ends. The acting though was superb, all of the kids were exceptional talents, and it was great to see Winona Ryder again.

Another series I completed some time ago was series one of 3rd Rock from the Sun, an old fave that I watched back in the day but wanted to see again. Very funny stuff, not so much for the jokes, but for the very funny physical humour from the cast, especially John Lithgow who can make you laugh without saying anything, Jane Curtin too. I am currently making my way through the second series.

And finally, I have just started on The Ascent of Man, a 1973 BBC documentary series about how mankind evolved to become what we are today. It was hosted by a very intelligent chap by the name of Jacob Bronowski who died not long after the series was completed. He was actually a mathematician/scientist who was also very good at presenting as it turns out. I watched a Michael Parkinson interview with him and it showed him to be quite an incredible fellow. Anyway, the first programme in the series looked at the beginnings of man in central Africa. In the first episode we got to see 1973 3D computer graphics, which were primitive but more advanced than I would have imagined…

Mr. Bronowski explaining the evolution of the human skull at his desktop.

I guess for most people this is rather dry stuff, but I was captivated not only by Mr Bronowski but also by the story he told. I shall report back after I have finished the last episode.

Stranger Things – 8/10
3rd Rock from the Sun – 7.5/10
The Ascent of Man (so far) – 8/10

TV Opening Themes – Magnum, p.i.

It has been a while since I posted a good TV theme, so here is an eighties classic.

And here is the first theme… terrible!

From Wikipedia: The original theme music for the opening credits of the pilot episode was a mid-tempo jazzy piece by Ian Freebairn-Smith. This music was also used for the next nine regular episodes.

Beginning in Episode 12, it was replaced by a more uptempo theme typical of 1980s action series by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter with guitar by Larry Carlton. This theme had been used during the show and over the closing credits from Episode 8. A longer version of this second theme (“Theme from Magnum P.I.”, clocking in at 3:25) credited to Post was released as a 7″ single by Elektra Records in 1982 and featured on the Billboard Hot 100 chart that same year, peaking at No. 25 on 8 May 1982. This version also appeared on Post’s 1982 album Television Theme Songs.

Ash vs Evil Dead, Season 1

I don’t watch much TV these days, at least not on a real TV thing, but this series was an absolute must watch because it is Evil Dead.

The Evil Dead films are my most fave horror films of all time, and there are no other films that can come close for funny gore entertainment. And they don’t have Bruce Campbell do they? Therefore, this series was pure TV gold.

No need to write anything more, the above sentences cover it all.

TV series watched this year: this and Better Call Saul which I didn’t review, but it too is pure gold. I may have also watched House of Cards this year, or was it last? Brillo series too.


House of Cards

I finished the first season of House of Cards a few days ago, and thought it was absolutely brillo. It rates right up there with Dexter, The Wire, Prison Break season 1, and 24.

Unfortunatley Hulu+ only has the first season so far, and they tend to take ages to get new seasons. Dangit. I have been waiting for over a year to see the second half of season 4 of The Walking Dead and apon checking tonight I see that it is now available.

In the director’s commentary of My Name is Bruce, Bruce mentioned a TV series he was in called Burn Notice so I checked it out. It is good. He said he took the part because it was not a cop, doctor, or lawyer show, it was something different… Bruce is one savvy guy.

So all this TV watching is groovy, but it cuts into my film watching time. Dangit.

Breaking Bad

Just a short while ago I finished Breaking Bad, and I have come to the conclusion that it is the best modern TV series I have ever seen.

Next, I intended to watch The Walking Dead, but Hulu does not have series five yet, dangit. So I will give House of Cards a go. I also want to see what that Throne of Games or whatever it is called is like too, but the whole premise does not really grab me. Actually, I have found that it is not on Hulu, I guess whatever it is about does not interest the Japanese TV viewing public.

Maybe I will continue with Lost which I lost interest in quite a while ago, but it would be good to see how it disappointingly finishes.

I do miss watching Dexter which was a fab series too, but Breaking Bad was just a smidge better.

That is all.

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