Site work and Bette Davis

I upgraded my WordPress account tonight from the basic plan to premium because it was discounted. With the premium plan I get to choose from a whole bunch more themes, and I also have the option to fiddle with the CSS which is something I have wanted for ages. Now I can get the site looking the way I want it to, so I am chuffed.

While going through the site tidying things up I realised Bette Davis is not in the MBMS Page of Fame, so I quickly rectified the problem. Aces is Bette.

Here she is hawking my favourite bourbon…

10,000 B.C.

I will spare you the bother of watching this by giving a quick summary of the story.

A tribe of awfully nice people living in the mountains of New Zealand, most of whom have very expensive looking dreadlocks, are attacked by a band of nasty chaps with hipster beards and speaking some kind of Klingon dialect. They take prisoners and scarper.

The dreads that were not captured decide to follow “the chosen one” (although he doesn’t think he is, of course) on a quest to save their fellow dreads, mainly because they have the chosen one’s girl, and she is awfully pretty. They leave the mountains of N.Z. and turn up in an African savannagh.

Along the way the chosen one saves a sabre-toothed tiger which comes in handy later as it turns up again when the dreads have a bit of a run in with an African tribe and things were looking sticky. But the awkward situation is saved by the sabre-toothed tiger who protects the chosen one, greatly impressing the Africans who chant “he is the one prophesized as you can see painted on that rock over there, to come and save us all because he is a sabre-toothed tiger wrangler. Huzzah!”. The chosen one thinks it’s all a bit daffy, but goes along with it.

So with a whole bunch of African tribesman, and a few more tribes along as well because they too had people taken by the hipster Klingons, they all go off to ancient Egypt.

Finally, in ancient Egypt we find out what the film-writer monkeys first idea for this film was: “Let’s make a film with the making of the pyramids! We’ll throw in some mountain men, a pretty girl, sabre-toothed tigers and mammoths because they are freakin’ cool! And ooh! Some large vicious man-eating chickens too!

A battle ensues, the evil b’stard who is running the whole pyramid scheme gets speared by the chosen one and all of the slaves go on a rampage and kill their captors. Of course as we all know the pyramids were eventually finished, so I guess shortly after they were re-captured, a new evil b’stard was appointed and everything was back on track.

The chosen one and his band of dreads went back to N.Z., learned how to cultivate plants instead of relying on mammoth hunts, and were all smiles.

Date watched: September 20th
Score: 3/10
Film count 2015: 124

2014 CD end

Putumayo Presents: Louisiana Gumbo, Cuba & Summer Party Sampler – These three CDs are from the Putumayo series, which generally sell in hippie clothing stores and cafes. They are so-so. Bit too modern for my ears but not too shabby.
Ron Sexsmith: Blue Boy – Jaunty stuff from Ron. Album number 5, I have another one of his records, both are ace.
Tulear Never Sleeps: This is a great compilation of Tsapiky music from Madagascar, loads of beats and crazy guitar. Top stuff.
Jason Lytle: House Show – A live recording of Jason of Grandaddy singing his tunes solo. Good stuff.
Ash: Intergalactic Sonic 7”s – 2 cd set of fast poppy tunes. Kung Fu is of course the pick of the bunch. 2 minutes of guitar bliss.
David Bryne – This is 20 years old! Tops stuff from Dave.
Nuyorican Soul: This is a compilation, did not know anything about it, got it for $5 at a very good market in Wanganui. I would not pay anymore than that.
Weather Report 5 CD bonanza box: A Warehouse special! Including their most well known record Heavy Weather.

And finally I am through my 2014 list. Not quite as many CDs as last year but this year will be more I think (not including my 200+ vinyl acquestitions), so I’d better try and get through this year’s list before the year is over…

Album count 2014: 166

New thing

The old thumbs up/down thing still is not working, so I got rid of it for the moment. In it’s place I have a simpler plugin that seems fine.

So if you have seen, listened, or agree with something just click on “Consumed”, or “Might check it out” if not.


The Naked and the Famous: Passive Me Aggressive You – This is quite unoffensive. From Auckland, had no idea they were from NZ when I got this from the library. Worth a spin.
Wynonie Harris: Jump Mr Blues – This guy had 15 number 1’s between 1946 and 52, and is often considered one of rock and rolls forerunners. This is a 50 song 2 CD set, I’m guessing it could be almost his whole output. Tracks like ‘Who Threw The Whiskey at the Wall’, ‘I Like My Baby’s Pudding’, ‘Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee’, ‘Good Morning Judge’ and ‘Drinking Sherry Wine’ gives you an idea of the subject manner.
Fountains of Wayne: Fountains of Wayne – Debut record from these New Yorkers, from 1996. Not too shabby. A two-piece when this was recorded, now a regular old four-piece.
Snow Patrol: Final Straw – Super popular back in the day this band, I know not much about them but their tune Run is good (if you like that rousing kind of thing in songs), the other tunes are much of a muchness. How to be Dead is good.
Faithless: No Roots – A very well known British electronica threesome, who split a few years ago but occasionally regroup (20 year anniversary this year), not bad. Not really my thing. One of them, Rollo, is Dido’s brother. Fancy that.

Album count 2014: 140