MBMS changes

Due to my severe lack of film watching in recent months, and less purchasing of music, along with my increased reliance on YouTube for instant gratification entertainment, I have decided to add the YouTube category to this blog. I want to blab on about the various YouTube channels I follow, or stop following for whatever reason. Most of the channels I follow are probably of no interest to others, but I like them and need more blog fodder.

I will continue to write about films, music, and books of course. In fact I do have some recent music to blog about, no films though. I will also continue with my Oscars and Grammy Awards posts, in fact I might just do one soon.

To round this post off here is a great photo of The Kirkster…

Kirk in 1955.

Addendum: It just occurred to me that I should add podcasts as well, I have been an avid podcast listener for many years, so I have many I can write about. That, I shall do.

Site work and Bette Davis

I upgraded my WordPress account tonight from the basic plan to premium because it was discounted. With the premium plan I get to choose from a whole bunch more themes, and I also have the option to fiddle with the CSS which is something I have wanted for ages. Now I can get the site looking the way I want it to, so I am chuffed.

While going through the site tidying things up I realised Bette Davis is not in the MBMS Page of Fame, so I quickly rectified the problem. Aces is Bette.

Here she is hawking my favourite bourbon…


This site now has a better URL, moviesbooksmusicstuff.blog.

I signed up for the Basic Plan with WordPress, and part of that was a free domain name. Ads also disappear (although I have never seen any), and I get some extra functionality.


New thing

The old thumbs up/down thing still is not working, so I got rid of it for the moment. In it’s place I have a simpler plugin that seems fine.

So if you have seen, listened, or agree with something just click on “Consumed”, or “Might check it out” if not.

Courtney Love, The Charlatans, The Cooper Temple Clause, Cybil Shepherd

Today, James, Hana, and I went to Mandai, my fave place to get used CDs. While James and Hana looked at games, I went off to the used CD section. I was finding it hard to find anything decent, or cheap enough, and was about to give up when I hit gold in the C section.

I found Courtney Love’s 2004 album “America’s Sweetheart” for only 210 yen (NZ$2.40), so thought I would give it a go. And it is pretty damn good, much better than I was expecting. It is kind of like Hole, but maybe a bit more raucous and biting. I like it lots.

As I type I am listening to The Charlatans’ “Us and Us Only” album. I never thought I would buy a The Charlatans album, but it too was 210 yen, so I thought why not. I am only on the first song, but I can report that it is not too bad. We shall see.

Next was a The Cooper Temple Clause double EP thing called “Hardware EP/Warfare EP”. I know absolutely nothing about them, but decided to throw musical caution to the wind and give it a go. Bit of a silly name though. I’ll report about it once I have listened to it.

And I bought Cybil Shepherds “Mad About the Boy” album, which has Stan Getz doing the jazz thing. I read reviews for it on my smartphone before deciding to buy it, and it got favourable reviews. That and the fact that it is something different made it an easy addition to my nice little haul. I haven’t listened to it yet.

So, I am thinking now that I will concentrate on one letter at a time the next time I go there. I will elect the letter L as my next area of discovery.

And I bought that A Band Called Death album as I mentioned in my post about the doco film the other day. It is quite fabs, lots of raw energy and some great riffs. It is only seven songs though, but worth it.

Update: I have listened to everything, and all are good. The Cybil Shepherd is not quite as good as I hoped, but not bad. My fave would be the Courtney Love album, as well as A Band Called Death.

Album count 2014: 29

Man of Steel

Another re-telling of the original film with Christopher Reeve.

But, it was quite different with the 21st century violence added in, lots of special effects, very little humour, and non-emotional acting.

It was just fun to watch all the explosions, epic fights, robots and spaceships attacking stuff, and calculating the body count.

I much prefer the Christopher Reeve days.

Date watched: April 29th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2014: 52