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This is great, the Mussels from Brussels plays a stressed out version of himself in this crime drama (it’s quite funny too). He is having a bad day and gets caught up in a bank heist in Brussels, and has a bit of a personal crisis inside. At one point he directly addresses the audience, it’s the best part of the film, Peter Bradshaw reviewed the film for The Guardian and called the monologue “a Godardian coup de cinéma”. Indeed it was Peter.

Everyone else is great too, the main bad guy is a deliberate lookalike of Sal from Dog Day Afternoon, in fact, the setup is identical to that film. Top stuff.

Date watched: 3rd December
Score: 8.5/10
Film count 2017: 64

Sample This

This is quite an interesting doco about the tune Apache, as covered by the Incredible Bongo Band, who consisted of a few great session musicians, brought together by a producer to supplement the soundtrack to the B-film The Thing With Two Heads (which looks INCREDIBLE, have to try and check that out). It went on to be sampled by hip hop pioneer Kool Herc a few years later. Instantly recognisable now of course. Gene Simmons narrates!

Date watched: 12th November
Score: 8/10
Film count 2017: 63

So many one-liners!


Body of Lies

I’ve been watching this Ridley Scott film in 10 minute chunks over the last three weeks or so (I still have the last few minutes to watch!), which of course did not help its rating. It started off pretty well but quickly turns silly. It all looks very slick, but the story did not hold interest for long enough and Leo (who I normally like) acts grumpy throughout the whole thing and Crowe is just plain terrible. By the end I was playing scrabble online and watching this at the same time, didn’t help me win any games. Thanks a bunch Leo.

Date watched: Days and days
Score: 5/10
Film count 2017: 62

There is a bit of this kind of action to be had:


Not the recent remake but the original to mini series. Which was only two episodes. And holy cow is it bad. But funny bad. But also amazingly bad, in all departments, the writing, acting, filming, everything. And it went on for ages. I don’t even know why we started watching it. Tim Curry is Pennywise, who seems to be enjoying himself, everyone else is overacting. Or not acting at all.

Date watched: 13th October
Score: 0.5/10
Film count 2017: 60

The older kid in this scene is one of the main actors, he sadly took his own life at age 27.

Whitney: Can I Be Me

This doco about Whitney (whose music I absolutely loathe) is by English filmmaker Nick Broomfield (he made the excellent The Leader, His Driver and The Driver’s Wife and Aileen: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer) which is the main reason for watching, as his films in the past have been great, and I thought it was an odd choice for him to make this, being an official doco. Overall it was actually quite badly filmed and put together but was quite gripping as well, mainly because of watching Whitney and her total loser husband Bobby Brown, spiral out of control.

Date watched: 12th October
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2017: 59

The Hateful Eight

At almost three hours this is quite entertaining, typically Tarantino, lots of talking then lots of violence. Cartoon violence this time around but still very sickening. Jennifer Jason Leigh steals the show, she is tops as Daisy Domergue, the prisoner which causes a lot of the kerfuffle. All the actors really look like they had fun with this.

Date watched: 25th September
Score: 8/10
Film count 2017: 58

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