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Music recordings

Modern Jazz Quartet: Blues to Bach – I got this slab of wax ages ago, bit of a weird one, jazz dudes playing Bach.

REM: Automatic for the People – op shop score, and has just been re release with all the normal extras, this is just the original version, and is ace, probably my fav later R.E.M.


Nick Drake: Five Leaves Left – I treated myself to a new vinyl, well, a reissue from 1969, actual new release vinyls are too expensive. So got this great record from nick, his debut, he only released two more records before taking his own life at 26. This was so good I went back and got his second, Bryter Layter, which is ace as well. During his lifetime his records hardly sold, it was not until a few years after his death he became popular.

Big Star – No. 1 Record – I had to get this on vinyl as it was reasonably priced, and is a tops record with a tops cover. They were a top band though.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland  – This Melbourne band released this record for free, they had MP3, WAV, CD burn versions for download, and even one for vinyl, if you could be bothered pressing a vinyl. Anyway, it’s good stuff! They have released 12 albums since 2012 so are a busy band. This one is the 4th record released this year!

Album Count 2017: 126

Not from Polygondwanaland this, but ace all the same:

Cream of the crop

I hardly have time to scratch my arse these days, but time to update my music buying, my itchy bum can wait:

Cream: Best of Cream – Nice little vinyl of Cream, an official release when the band was still around. Tops.

Childish Gambino: Awaken, My Love! – Childish Gambino’s real name is Donald Glover. He is an actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, rapper, DJ, singer, and songwriter. And most importantly he is Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo movie. This record is good too.

MOJO: Jamaican Explosion – This is an excellent MOJO mag compilation, Laurel Aitken, Prince Buster, Jimmy Cliff, Don Drummond and Lord Creator among others.

D.D Dumbo: Utopia Defeated – DD Dumbo is an Aussie, typical Aussie coming up with a funny moniker. This is tops stuff, some great weird sounds.

Bjork: Vulnicura – Album number eight from pixie face. It’s her breakup album, and has all the usual electronical beats and string arrangements, more like her early stuff, quite good too. I’ll have to check out the all the music videos etc as they will be kooky and great. There is an only strings version of this out (which is Bork’s only acoustic album ever), JB HiFi have it for a fiver so I might get that too.

Spunk Sampler – This is an Aussie record company I bought a record from, they popped this compilation in with the record, ace! So lots of bands (Aussie and not Aussie) to listen too.

Cut Copy: Zonoscope – This Aussie band have been around since 2001, described as ‘Indietronica’ – what a naff term – it’s good stuff nonetheless. Great cover. Extra points for that cover artwork.

Music at Moonlight – Terrible title for a compilation record, but this has some good tunes on it, mainly Stone Roses and Underworld.

Patti Smith: Easter – Another tops record from Patti, this has her big hit (co-written with Bruce Springsteen) Here Comes the Night on it, among other grand tunes.

Album Count 2017: 119


Hot Chocolate: Man to Man – Album number three, not really had a listen. Probably should. They are still going even though original vocalist Errol Brown died in 2015 (and leaving the band in 1986). They have had a fair few members down the years.

Duane Eddy: The Roaring Twangies – Would you believe this cover was art directed by the same guy who did Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced” artwork? He was having a bad day in the office for this cover. And the guy who did the arranging on this arranged the brilliant “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’? And the producer was the legendary Lee Hazlewood? And Duane Eddy himself had sold over 12 million records by 1963? Go him! I’d better listen to this ASAP!

Sonny Rollins: Newk’s Time – The title of this is Sonny’s nickname Newk, recorded in 1957, it is ace stuff of course, Sonny is now 87. Go him!

Album Count 2017: 110


Commodores: Caught in the Act – Album number two, from 1975, more funky than their normal pop stuff.

Elton John: Too Low for Zero – Released way back in 1983 this is album number 17 for John, cripes, he must have pumped out the records in the 70s. I’m Still Standing is the big hit off this. The cover has some nifty die-cut action going on.

Shalamar: Uptown Festival – This is a disco album from 1977, recorded by session musicians so a total cash-in. With song titles like Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo I don’t expect to be very good.

Captain & Tennille: Keeping Our Love Warm – I have no idea what this is like as have not listened to it, just found the cover funny. The Captain’s real name is Daryl Dragon. Dragon & Tennille is a much better band name. He could then dress as a dragon not a sailor for the cover shots.

Garbage: Strange Little Birds – Released in 2016 I’ve not had a chance to give this a decent listen, probably pretty good though, always liked this band.

The Temper Trap: Thick As Thieves – Another new-ish release I’ve not got around to fully listening too.

Rodriguez: At His Best – A nice little vinyl of Rodriguez’s best tunes, much better than the recent live disc I found. This is actually quite rare I’ve just discovered so another score!

Arcade Fire: Reflektor – I picked this up for $5 new at JB Hifi, but actually think I got it there a little while ago for the same price. Anyway, it’s a good record, not sure I’m going to get their new one, the marketing behind was naff and the single was annoying. Oh well.

Album Count 2017: 107

Here’s Shirley Manson shape-shifting out of a urinal!

More music catchups

Wilco: Schmilco – Another great record from Wilco, the title paying homage to Harry Nilsson’s record Nilsson Schmilsson. With tops cover artwork too.

Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Animal – Swap meet score this, Lou and his band blast out Velvet Underground hits and one of Lou’s solo tunes. Only five tunes in all but great stuff, most live records are pants but this is gold. The two guitarists on this would later become part of Alice Cooper’s backing band.

Edward Woodward: The Edward Woodward Album – Yes, the Edward Woodward sings. He released twelve albums of romantic songs, as well as three albums of poetry. I have two so far.

Rod Stewart: A Night on the Town – Have not had a to listen to this yet (probably never will), has some recognisable hits, and a funny cover.

Stevie Nicks: 24 Karat Gold – I got this from the library. Not sure why really.

Beatles: Abbey Road – Picked up another Beatles vinyl from my bookstore mate, this is an Australian pressing in near perfect condition of the 1969 classic. Above are The Beatles going back across the road.

Simon and Garfunkel: Live in Central Park – Another score from the bookstore, original double vinyl of Simon & Garfunkel’s comeback concert in 1981. Check out the guy with the huge chilly bin on the gatefold pic! I made a DL flyer for the bookstore guy, he gave me this and Abbey Road in return. Sweet!

Album Count 2017: 99

Catching up on sounds

The Ritchie Family: Arabian Nights – I mainly got this for the cover, it’s ace as you can see. These disco gals (who are not related) were active in the 70s/80s.

Soviet Army Ensemble – I got this for the cover, look at those pants! And what is that guy in the middle thinking about? Probably his pants.

The Last Shadow Puppets: Everything You’ve Come to Expect – Latest album from this mini-supergroup, not given it a good listen. And yes, that is Tina Turner on the cover.

Sigur Ros: Huaf/Haim – This is a two-disc compilation album, consisting of unreleased tunes and live tunes. The covers are pinhole polaroid photos. Nice!

Bruce Springsteen: The Rising – Op-shop score, album number 12 from Bruce, his first (at the time) for seven years, and first with the E Street band for 18. So corking good stuff.

Tim Buckley: Greetings from L.A. – I got his on CD a ways back but saw the LP for $5 so grabbed it, being a tops record and all.

Stevie Wonder: Wonderland – Another album I already have but saw it on vinyl so in the collection it goes.

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Willy and the Poor Boys – I think I almost have all of Creedence’s records on vinyl now. Sweet.

Prince: Purple Rain – This is my Fathers Day present, on nice heavyweight vinyl. One of the best records ever of course. I might have posted the below video before, but it is absolutely ace. Just wait for Prince to show the other guys in the band how it’s done.

Album Count 2017: 92

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