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Punky dub techno mashup vibes

After buying that Green Day singles box a few weeks back I came across the “Minority” single at Book Off, so thought I may as well add it to the Green Day collection. My Green Day discography now equals my Manic Street Preachers collection at twenty CDs in all.

Poking around Bandcamp today I came across a compilation called “In Dub We Trust” for only 82 yen. With 30 songs I couldn’t resist buying it. I would describe it as dub techno, and what I have heard is pretty good.

I have decided to add free downloads to my posts (previously I only wrote about music that I have bought), starting with a compilation of punk bands released this year by a label called Rockstar Records. Again, I have not had a good listen, but the quick browse through the songs shows that it is a decent download.

These are a couple of mashup releases, both free on Bandcamp. I like a good mashup, so I couldn’t pass them up. The second one contains 61 tracks. Click on the cover images to go to the Bandcamp page, and treat yourself to fine mashup sounds.

Music count 2018: 29

Free music

Having said that my used CD buying has been desolate recently, I have been getting other forms of music in the form of free downloads.

Mix tapes are the bomb, true dat. A site I found a while ago is called Datt Piff, and I downloaded an album by Gucci Mane called Trapology. Total potty mouth stuff, but I kind of like it.

Another good one is 2Jonesy, and DC Young Fly on another site called Live Mix Tapes.

Whilst writing this post and checking the links I came across this one: Chedda Da Connect, and downloaded it because of the most amusing name… Chedda! Hehe! (update: I am listening to it now, and it is rather phat).

And right now I am listening to this. I quite like a bit of ambient every now and then, especially just before I go to sleep, it helps.

Here are some more links for various mix tapes and otherwise that I recommend.
TREE – Sunday School
TREE – Sunday School II
Young Thug – I Came From Nothing
Mike Fresh – The Frescobar EP
Death Grips – Exmilitary I quite like these guys.
Spuntic Another fave.
Another mixtape site I just found, lots of bling

Transistors – Shortwave and Is This Anything?

I was checking out Dylan’s Twitter feed the other day and after clicking on various links I found this Christchurch band. I found an album of theirs called ‘Shortwave’ as a free download, so I got that and thought it was a bit of alright.

And today they released a new album on Bandcamp, so I got that too, paying NZ$15 for it (one buck above the minimum price). I am listening to it now, and so far it is good stuff, better than ‘Shortwave’ and reminds me a bit of the early Clean with a bit of Toy Love thrown in.

Good to see that Chch still has at least one good band.

Album count 2013: 84 (not including the free album)

Free Music Archive

I discovered this site a while back and have been downloading free stuffs just recently.

At the moment I am downloading albums from an Iranian dude who calls himself Spuntic (opens in new tab). He plays mellow ambient electronic which I have always been into but not seriously until recently.

And here (opens in new tab, and will do so from now on) is another site which I discovered while researching this post. I will check out some stuff on there soon.

I don’t include these free albums in my album count, I probably should though. I might make a separate category of free albums, and link to them in the posts…yeah.