Five Sounds On The Cheap

I have five musical delights to speak of, and it all cost very little, always a bonus.

Mashed Youth Records – Red Collection Vol. 1

I was looking around Bandcamp for some free dubstep, drum and bass, or jungle music when I cam across this.

Even though it had a “name your price” I didn’t enter “zero” and instead paid the minimum 0.5 Euro so it would be included in my Bandcamp collection.

It is a collection of six songs from three artists I have never heard of. All six songs are upbeat and have plenty of BPM’s. The songs also have bit of a reggae vibe to them which makes them even more natty.

Here is the Bandcamp page.

Fanu – Polku EP

After buying the previous release, I was doing a little more drum ‘n’ bass searching and ended up buying this release as well. Again, it was free but I paid 0.50 Euro for it.

It is a drum and bass EP released by a fellow from Finland who calls himself “Fanu”, or “Fatgyver”. He has released quite a few EPs, singles, and some albums, but I chose this one because it was the first one of his I came across.

It is pretty good, quite relaxing to listen to. Have a listen here.

Kula Shaker – K

As I did the Saturday before, I raced off to Hard Off to buy music instead of wasting money on parking. The first disc I found in the bargain bins was this one.

I knew nothing of Kula Shaker before buying this, I had not even heard one single song. But, I knew the name, and a quick look on the internet showed that this, their first album, sold bucketloads back in 1996 when it was released. In fact it became the fastest selling debut album in the U.K. then (in the current decade One Direction hold that title).

The music itself is fine, but nothing that grabs me all that much. It is described as psychedelic rock, but it also has a very Brit-pop sound to it, and some songs mix in Indian music, mysticism, and lyrics.

Not an essential record, but worth a listen to again some day.

Pulp – This is Hardcore

Pulp are one of those bands that I am not all that fussed on, but I usually end up buying anyway, especially if it is cheap.

Not a bad album, but I am not all that fussed on it.

Propellerheads – Decksandrumsandrockandroll

Like Kula Shaker, I had heard of this band yet had not heard their music.

The music is fine, but nothing special. It is not one of those albums I will play very often, but it is good to have in the collection.

Here is one of their songs from the album. Actually, after listening to this song I realised that maybe a second listen of the album is in order, maybe I will warm to it a bit more.

This is their only album to date, and while they seem to have stopped in 2003 there is some talk of a second album.

Music count 2018: 94

Golden Discs

This week was Golden Week in Japan, a week that has three public holidays (The previous Emperor’s birthday, Constitution Memorial Day, and Greenery Day) with many people taking the in-between days off. I worked on Tuesday and Wednesday however, and kids still have to go to school on those days. Anyway, it was my intention this week to buy one CD per day and while it did not work out I almost got there. My previous post documented three CDs I got in Toyama, and I have three more to natter about.

U2 – War
I like early U2, and this album which is their third is one of the best in my opinion. I remember “Two Hearts Beat As One” being a fave song of mine back when I was 10 or so, and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “New Year’s Day” are other memorable songs. The rest of the songs are quite forgettable, but not terrible or anything.

The boy who was on the cover (and the cover of “Boy”) is a photographer now and still close to the band. His website is pretty good.

Annie Lennox – Diva
I was in Mandai, a fave place to get used CDs, and was having trouble finding something. I was about to give up when I spotted this and thought “What the heck, it is only 108 yen, and Annie has a damn good singing voice, plus this has the songs “Why” and “Walking On Broken Glass” which I heard so much on the radio while I was working back in the day (1992) that they are permanently imprinted on my brain, which is not a bad thing as they are good songs. Besides, nostalgia is a good thing.”

Well, the deal was sweetened even more as I got a discount, probably because it was Golden Week, and it ended up costing only 80 yen. I walked out of Mandai with a big smile on my face.

And indeed, this is a good album, hearing those familiar old tunes again is good tonic. The filler songs are nothing stand-out, but don’t ruin the album at all. I shall be returning to this again some day.

Graham Coxon – Happiness In Magazines
Yesterday, I picked James up from tennis practice, and his request on the way home was to go to Book Off because there was 20 percent off all books (not CDs which miffed me a bit). The selection of used CDs was a bit on the anemic side, but I struck gold when I found this for 500 yen (a bit more than what I am used to paying, but I knew it would be worth it). I have not listened to this yet, but I am quite certain it is most excellent, my mind is not blurred on that at all.

Click on the following album covers to download from FMA…

Broke For Free – Gold Can Stay
This is a free download from the excellent Free Music Archive website. I already have several of this guy’s other releases, so I went back for more. Splendid.

Dask – Abiogenesis and Liquid Decimation
Whilst on FMA I came across this ambient/downtempo band and liked what I heard, so I downloaded both of this chap’s albums. I have not had a good listen, but one night I will load this up on my smartphone, get a bevvie, put on my bluetooth headphones, turn the lights off, and have a good listen.

I was thinking yesterday that it would be darn good to go and blow ten grand (yen that is, but jeez, imagine spending $10,000 on music…that would be pure bliss, and I would do it here) on vinyl at a used record shop in the central city. There is some pretty decent stuff there, and priced very reasonably, so I may do that after saving up for it. I plan to get a few old blues albums.

Music count 2018: 50

One of my fave YouTube channels at the moment…

Punky dub techno mashup vibes

After buying that Green Day singles box a few weeks back I came across the “Minority” single at Book Off, so thought I may as well add it to the Green Day collection. My Green Day discography now equals my Manic Street Preachers collection at twenty CDs in all.

Poking around Bandcamp today I came across a compilation called “In Dub We Trust” for only 82 yen. With 30 songs I couldn’t resist buying it. I would describe it as dub techno, and what I have heard is pretty good.

I have decided to add free downloads to my posts (previously I only wrote about music that I have bought), starting with a compilation of punk bands released this year by a label called Rockstar Records. Again, I have not had a good listen, but the quick browse through the songs shows that it is a decent download.

These are a couple of mashup releases, both free on Bandcamp. I like a good mashup, so I couldn’t pass them up. The second one contains 61 tracks. Click on the cover images to go to the Bandcamp page, and treat yourself to fine mashup sounds.

Music count 2018: 29

Free music

Having said that my used CD buying has been desolate recently, I have been getting other forms of music in the form of free downloads.

Mix tapes are the bomb, true dat. A site I found a while ago is called Datt Piff, and I downloaded an album by Gucci Mane called Trapology. Total potty mouth stuff, but I kind of like it.

Another good one is 2Jonesy, and DC Young Fly on another site called Live Mix Tapes.

Whilst writing this post and checking the links I came across this one: Chedda Da Connect, and downloaded it because of the most amusing name… Chedda! Hehe! (update: I am listening to it now, and it is rather phat).

And right now I am listening to this. I quite like a bit of ambient every now and then, especially just before I go to sleep, it helps.

Here are some more links for various mix tapes and otherwise that I recommend.
TREE – Sunday School
TREE – Sunday School II
Young Thug – I Came From Nothing
Mike Fresh – The Frescobar EP
Death Grips – Exmilitary I quite like these guys.
Spuntic Another fave.
Another mixtape site I just found, lots of bling

Transistors – Shortwave and Is This Anything?

I was checking out Dylan’s Twitter feed the other day and after clicking on various links I found this Christchurch band. I found an album of theirs called ‘Shortwave’ as a free download, so I got that and thought it was a bit of alright.

And today they released a new album on Bandcamp, so I got that too, paying NZ$15 for it (one buck above the minimum price). I am listening to it now, and so far it is good stuff, better than ‘Shortwave’ and reminds me a bit of the early Clean with a bit of Toy Love thrown in.

Good to see that Chch still has at least one good band.

Album count 2013: 84 (not including the free album)

Free Music Archive

I discovered this site a while back and have been downloading free stuffs just recently.

At the moment I am downloading albums from an Iranian dude who calls himself Spuntic (opens in new tab). He plays mellow ambient electronic which I have always been into but not seriously until recently.

And here (opens in new tab, and will do so from now on) is another site which I discovered while researching this post. I will check out some stuff on there soon.

I don’t include these free albums in my album count, I probably should though. I might make a separate category of free albums, and link to them in the posts…yeah.