Grace Jones – Nightclubbing

I finally converted this to MP3 yesterday, so I thought I would add it to the Vinyl Vault as well.

This was purchased at the recycle shop I mentioned in a previous post. It was very cheap, but it is very minty, not a mark on the cover and the record is perfecto.

It includes her hit songs “Walking In The Rain”, “Pull Up To The Bumper”, and “Nightclubbing”. The other songs are all good, no filler here. There are only nine tracks though.

Grace is 70 now, but still going strong. Her last album though was back in 2008. A film was made about her recently, so I would like to see that.

Great cover, it says it all about Grace really.

Stanley Clarke – Stanley Clarke album

I bought this at Nagano’s only dedicated vinyl shop, a place called “Good Times”, run by an older fellow and his younger assistant. I must ask next time if I can take a photo of the shop.

I bought it for 680 yen which is cheap as most other albums in the jazz section were around the 1000 to 1500 mark. No idea why, but I ain’t complaining. Both the cover and record are in pristine condition, almost like new.

Stan was a member of the Church of Scientology for a long time. On the back of the cover, in the “thanks to” section, at the end, he wrote…

“…and to the greatest man on the planet – Ron L. Hubbard”.

He came to his senses in 2013 when he left the church.

Liberetino Esclavo Cerdo y Vinilo

I have four purchases to speak of today with three of them appearing only just today, so it was a good day.

The Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into The Sun / Death On The Stairs

This is a Japanese release of two EPs from The Libertines. It is very Libertines.

I bought it last week at Book Off for 280 yen.

Slaves – Are You Satisfied?

I was noodling on the internet, on the NME website to be exact, and I came across a band called Ho99o9 (Horror, but they are also known as Triple 9 Death Kult) which is an American experimental hip hop / hardcore punk band. I had a listen to one of their songs on YouTubes and liked what I heard, so I sought out their album. It proves to be a bit pricey to get here so I skipped that for the moment. I saw on their website that they had supported a band called Slaves while touring in England and I thought that Slaves must be pretty decent, so I looked them up on YouTube. After watching two videos and some of a live gig I was hooked, so I ordered their first album from Amazon which arrived today. Check out that live video, I’ll bet it is the first time you have seen a lead singer/drummer quite like that!

This is quite refreshing stuff. It is described as punk, but it is very much a 21st century style of punk with a bit of garage mixed in. Deffo a band I would like to see live.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Feed The Rats

Some time ago I bought this band’s first release The Wizard and the Seven Swines which is a one-song download from Bandcamp that lasts 21 minutes. This album (well, it is three songs but is album length) was released last year, but I finally got around to buying it tonight.

I have not listened to it in full yet, but I had a quick listen and I like what I heard. I like the cover; click on it to go to the Bandcamp page.

Stanley Clarke – Stanley Clarke

I was in the central city today so decided to drop by the record shop with the intention of buying something. I had fun flicking through the bins full of delectable vinyl and had a lot to choose from including Paul’s Boutique (it was a bit too much for my budget, otherwise I would have bought it), Black Sabbath Vol.4 (very pricey but I would love to add it to the collection), The Stranglers Raven (with a nice hologram cover), and plenty more. But, I decided to buy something I have not heard before, and something a bit different to the usual fare I buy, so Stan it was.

I have yet to listen to it, but here is the first song which sounds pretty good. This is his second album.

The cover and vinyl are absolutely pristine, and it appears to be an original 1974 pressing. Not bad considering it cost only a little more than a Big Mac combo (super-sized with Diet Coke and fries).

Music count 2018: 58

An Exiguous Convocation of Sounds

The purchasing of music recently has been quite sparse since my last musical post, but I have four to speak of

The Bronx – The Bronx
A few weeks back I saw a post on Facebook from my cousin, who posted about this album, an album he had been seeking out for some time it seems (on vinyl). I thought that it must be worth checking out, so I found it used on Amazon (on CD) for the very low price of one yen, and so bought it.

The Bronx are a hardcore punk band formed in 2002 in Los Angeles, and have released eight albums named either “The Bronx” (5 albums) or “Mariachi El Bronx” (3 albums). This album is their first, released in 2003.

The music itself is quite good, but nothing outstanding. I do like the cover though, most excellent.

Ken Owen – Symbiotic Possibilities
One of my all-time fave bands is Carcass, a British grindcore (a type of metal) band. I saw them once in New Zealand, and I remember leaving the gig almost totally deaf (not permanently)…ah, good memories!

Ken Owen was the original drummer, but in 1999 he suffered a brain haemorrhage which put to an end his drumming skills and he had to be replaced. He was in a bad way for quite some time.

This instrumental album is his first effort in making music since his recovery. This is available through Bandcamp only as far as I can tell, and is very much an obscure release. But, being the Carcass fan I am, I had to buy it.

The music is a kind of techno/industrial mix, with a slight hint of Vangelis, a smattering of jazz, and a dash of Kraftwerk. It cannot compare to The Chemical Brothers, Fuck Buttons, or Yanni (I just threw that in there because I couldn’t think of a third), but I like it a lot.

The Wonder Stuff – The Eight Legged Groove Machine
I found this down at the local used books/CD place I spoke of before, and at only 300 yen it was a delicious bargain.

I had this a long time ago, so it is good to listen to it again. A good blast from the past.

Burial – Ghost Hardware
As is becoming customary now, I bought another Burial release on Bandcamp to beef up my post a bit.

Unfortunately though, it is the last release I can purchase as I have all of his major releases now, except for one that is available on vinyl only, although I am tempted to get that.

As I just bought it only a few minutes ago I have not listened to it yet, I have only listened to a sampling of it on Bandcamp, but I think I can say with certainty that it is an excellent listen.

Music count 2018: 54

Golden Discs

This week was Golden Week in Japan, a week that has three public holidays (The previous Emperor’s birthday, Constitution Memorial Day, and Greenery Day) with many people taking the in-between days off. I worked on Tuesday and Wednesday however, and kids still have to go to school on those days. Anyway, it was my intention this week to buy one CD per day and while it did not work out I almost got there. My previous post documented three CDs I got in Toyama, and I have three more to natter about.

U2 – War
I like early U2, and this album which is their third is one of the best in my opinion. I remember “Two Hearts Beat As One” being a fave song of mine back when I was 10 or so, and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “New Year’s Day” are other memorable songs. The rest of the songs are quite forgettable, but not terrible or anything.

The boy who was on the cover (and the cover of “Boy”) is a photographer now and still close to the band. His website is pretty good.

Annie Lennox – Diva
I was in Mandai, a fave place to get used CDs, and was having trouble finding something. I was about to give up when I spotted this and thought “What the heck, it is only 108 yen, and Annie has a damn good singing voice, plus this has the songs “Why” and “Walking On Broken Glass” which I heard so much on the radio while I was working back in the day (1992) that they are permanently imprinted on my brain, which is not a bad thing as they are good songs. Besides, nostalgia is a good thing.”

Well, the deal was sweetened even more as I got a discount, probably because it was Golden Week, and it ended up costing only 80 yen. I walked out of Mandai with a big smile on my face.

And indeed, this is a good album, hearing those familiar old tunes again is good tonic. The filler songs are nothing stand-out, but don’t ruin the album at all. I shall be returning to this again some day.

Graham Coxon – Happiness In Magazines
Yesterday, I picked James up from tennis practice, and his request on the way home was to go to Book Off because there was 20 percent off all books (not CDs which miffed me a bit). The selection of used CDs was a bit on the anemic side, but I struck gold when I found this for 500 yen (a bit more than what I am used to paying, but I knew it would be worth it). I have not listened to this yet, but I am quite certain it is most excellent, my mind is not blurred on that at all.

Click on the following album covers to download from FMA…

Broke For Free – Gold Can Stay
This is a free download from the excellent Free Music Archive website. I already have several of this guy’s other releases, so I went back for more. Splendid.

Dask – Abiogenesis and Liquid Decimation
Whilst on FMA I came across this ambient/downtempo band and liked what I heard, so I downloaded both of this chap’s albums. I have not had a good listen, but one night I will load this up on my smartphone, get a bevvie, put on my bluetooth headphones, turn the lights off, and have a good listen.

I was thinking yesterday that it would be darn good to go and blow ten grand (yen that is, but jeez, imagine spending $10,000 on music…that would be pure bliss, and I would do it here) on vinyl at a used record shop in the central city. There is some pretty decent stuff there, and priced very reasonably, so I may do that after saving up for it. I plan to get a few old blues albums.

Music count 2018: 50

One of my fave YouTube channels at the moment…

Three Discs from Toyama

Yesterday was a public holiday, Showa Day, which is a holiday honouring the birth of the previous emperor. So, we had a day trip to Toyama city which is in the next prefecture. Our main goals were to go to an art gallery (I saw paintings by Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Jackson Pollock), go to a large shopping mall (there are none in our city), go wild in Costco, and of course visit the local Book Off. As luck would have it there was a 50% off all CDs priced under 500 yen discount going on, so I had a good hard look for stuff to get. Here is what I got…

Primal Scream – Vanishing Point
I wouldn’t say I am a Primal Scream fan, but when I came across I thought I may as well get it, especially as pickings were slim. Overall it is a decent album, but it still does not make me a fan.

Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
There was a trolley full of CDs at the Book Off with a sign saying “All 108 yen”, so I picked through it. Apart from the first Punk-O-Rama CD the only other decent CD in there was this one, the rest were all terrible Japanese pop and rock bands. So, with a discount of 50% it was only 54 yen. I knew beforehand that this album is considered to be a landmark album in the hip-hop world, so I had to try it out. I haven’t listened to all of it yet, but what I have heard is just average.

Graham Coxon – Love Travels at Illegal Speeds
I was most pleased to find this as I like Graham Coxon lots. And this album does not disappoint, catchy guitar riffs and all rather upbeat and fun. By far the best CD I bought yesterday, I just wish I could have found more.

Music count 2018: 45

New Manics Old Peshay Digital Burial

For all three of these releases click on the cover image to be taken to a song.

Manic Street Preachers – Resistance is Futile
Yesterday was supposed to be an exciting day as a package with the new Manic Street Preachers album “Resistance Is Futile” was scheduled to arrive from Amazon. It didn’t turn up however, even though I use Amazon Prime which guarantees delivery the next day. A phone call to the courier company today revealed that the courier dude had taken the package to the next house, and the neighbours accepted it, signed for it, and even opened the box! Well, the opened box finally made it’s way here today and I have in front of me the nice new album from the Manics. I have not listened to it it, but have have heard the first single online, and it is typically excellent.

The cover photo was taken in 1881 by a German photographer by the name of Baron Raimund von Stillfried, and was of one of the last samurai.

Peshay – Miles From Home
While I was on my Drum ‘n Bass high last week I discovered this album and thought it would be worth a try. So, I bought it used on Amazon and it turned out to be a most astute purchase. It reminds me partly of DJ Food as well as Roni Size. Peshay is a British drum ‘n’ bass producer who has four albums out, with “Miles From Home” being his first, released in 1998. I shall collect more of his releases.

Burial – Young Death/Nightmarket
As I did a few blogs back, I decided to beef up my post a bit by buying something on Bandcamp, so I chose another Burial release. This one has two songs and is a bargain at only two pounds. A short listen to both tracks reveals yet another atmospheric and soothing Burial release.

Music count 2018: 42