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I was watching this video of birds swearing and was laughing so much that it set me in the mood for a comedy. This film seemed to be the best choice.

I have seen this several times, and each time is just as funny as the last. All of the cast members in this were perfect in their roles, not a dud in sight. The dialogue was great with plenty of memorable one-liners and jokes. Some gags were a bit too silly, but they were far and few between. Some jokes would not be allowed today.

The script is an almost perfect recreation of a film called Zero Hour! Here is a good YouTube video with comparisons between the films (the producers had to buy the rights to the original film).

This film ranks just behind Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Monty Python’s Life of Brian in my all-time funniest films list. Blazing Saddles is not far behind, along with Young Frankenstein which I must watch again.

Date watched: January 19th
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2018: 3

Blazing Saddles

A few days ago I decided this would be my final film for the year. I wanted it to be a comedy, and this is one of my all-time fave comedies and I have not seen it for a while (I last watched it in 2012).

As usual it was funny, although there were one or two flat jokes. It is also very un-PC, but even so despite the derogatory terms used it is not a racist film, quite the contrary actually.

All of the actors were very funny, even the supporting cast. Some characters had only one or two scenes but they were memorable. The hangman for example was very funny even though he had less than one minute in the whole film.

Sadly the only actor from the principal cast still with us today is Mel Brooks. Cleavon Little who played the sheriff died way back in 1992, Gene Wilder last year, Madeline Kahn back in 1999, Harvey Korman in 2008, and John Hillerman just last month.

Richard Pryor was one of the writers. He was the original choice for Sheriff Bart, but the studio was against it due to his drug problems. Cleavon Little though aced the part.

This is not up there with the Monty Python films, or Airplane!, but I still think it is a silly hoot.

And that is it for my film watching this year. Not a bad one.

Date watched: December 31st
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2017: 148

Inglorious Basterds

I have seen this a couple of times before, the last being in 2010, with the first time not recorded in this blog.

Typical Tarantino stuff; excellent dialogue, superb acting, and gratuitous violence… what more could one ask for? Christoph Waltz and Brad Pitt both stole the show, especially Christoph who was brilliant. I can’t really think of any criticisms, although this review let’s rip.

I would probably rate this in my top three best Tarantino films along with Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, although all of his films are aces really. I see that he is set to make an R-rated Star Trek film next… that will be an eye opener.


Date watched: December 26th
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2017: 144

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

James and I decided yesterday we wanted to watch a Star Wars film with his first choice being Episode 7, which I don’t have, so his second choice was Episode 5. This is now the fifth review for this film on MBMS, but I have also seen it several times before as well.

There is no real need to review this, and I would say this is my fave Star Wars film of all of them, although Episode 7 follows in a close second.

It is not a perfect film, there are a few head-scratching scenes which Georgie could have handled better, but compared to Episodes 1, 2, and 3 they are nothing to worry about. Luke’s whining and impetuousness still grates.

Here is a video of some cut scenes. The video starts at a scene that was thankfully cut out, Georgie had a bit more control over himself back then…

Today James and I are going to watch Episode 7 if we can get TV time, I got it out on DVD last night.

Date watched: October 21st
Score: 9.5/10 (previously 10, but those minor niggles got the better of me)
Film count 2017: 118

Blue Ruin

This is on Netflix, in the “Cannes Winners” category, so I thought it was worth a watch. And reading up about this on the interwebs I found that it was partly funded through Kickstarter.

In the main role was a chap named Macon Blair who also produced the film, and it was directed and written by Jeremy Saulnier. Both of them had been making films since they were kids. Macon was brilliant as a meek but revenge-thirsty homeless dude, out to avenge the deaths of his parents. The story is quite simple and slow at first, with the back story slowly revealed until the climax where things pick up, along with a few small twists.

Eve Plumb who was one of the Brady Bunch kids turns up near the end, playing a rather nasty family member of the killer’s violent family.

Brilliant stuff, and for a budget of only US$420,000 it is even more impressive. The cinematography was excellent, and it had a good soundtrack too.

Date watched: July 28th
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2017: 83

The poster likens it to a Coen Brother’s film, which I think is a fair comparison.

A Fistful of Dynamite (aka Duck, You Sucker)

I have seen this before, at least twice I think (there is one review for it on this site), but I felt like watching it again because it is good fun.

Here is my review from my previous post:

I was so happy to find this one at the DVD rental place, I remember watching it a long time ago and thought it was great. Second time around it was just as good, maybe better because I had forgotten most of it.

It’s pretty hard to choose any one Sergio Leone movie as the best but this one is definitely right up there. Great acting, comedy, action, direction and story.

Same goes for this time around, although I forgot to mention the brillo soundtrack by Ennio Morricone. Rod Steiger was the star of this, absolutely bonkers brilliant, overshadowing James Coburn who was brillo too.

I rented this on DVD from what is most likely the best place on Earth for film rentals, “Alice In Videoland“. They are so great that they even have stuff on VHS, and a mini theatre showing only the best films.

Date watched: March 16th
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2017: 48

Goodnight Mommy

I do like a good horror, and this one is a corker. I did watch some of this through splayed fingers it was that good, made in Austria it’s about twin boys and their mother, don’t want to give it away so will just leave the plot at that. Starts off pretty creepy and continues that way throughout while slowly racketing up the sense of foreboding and dread.

Has some very snazzy camera work and framing, making excellent work of props and camera angles. But not too flashy.

Top stuff. Bit of a naff title but probably does not sound naff in Austrian.

Date watched: February 10th
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2017: 16

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