Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

After watching the terrible Sharknado 4 I did not want to watch any more of these films. But I thought maybe the third film wouldn’t be as bad as the fourth, and I also just had to complete the whole series (so far), so I watched this last night.

The first and second films were just plain bad fun, bonkers fun. But, this film and the fourth one were a joke that was taken too far.

The addition of The Hoff helped slightly (Bo Derek had a role also). And there were cameos from Michael Winslow, Ne-Yo, Lou Ferringo, Jackie Collins, Jerry Springer, George R.R. Martin, and a whole lot more. It almost seemed as if this film did not have extras, rather it had cameos. But the rest of the film was tedious even though it got more and more wacky (sharks in space).

Sharknado 5 was released this year, I guess I will end up watching it when it is available.

Date watched: November 22nd
Score: 4/10
Film count 2017: 131

I Giorni Dell’ira

This is a 1967 spaghetti western starring Lee Van Cleef and an Italian actor by the name of Giuliano Gemma, and is called “Day of Anger” in English (I prefer the Italian title).

It is though, on the whole, a sub-standard spaghetti western as the story is nothing new and is a bit muddled at times. There are a few good scenes here and there, and Lee Van Cleef is always brillo to watch, but it is mostly quite forgettable.

I will have to watch “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” again some day, that is an ace film.

Date watched: November 18th
Score: 4/10
Film count 2017: 127

Lone Survivor

Yet another ‘true ‘story’ film where not a lot of what you see on screen actually happened. Some Navy Seals go into Afghanistan (this is filmed in Mexico) to take out a Taliban leader. But the Seals get found out and pinned down in a bloody battle with 30-40 Taliban soldiers, cur war porn of the highest order. Slow motion deaths, bullets flying, blood spurting. One of my favourite bands (Explosions in the Sky) does the music, so that was nice to hear. But overall, the film was pretty crappy to watch.

Mark Mark stars, with Peter Berg directing, they both made the much better Deepwater Horizon.

Date watched: 6th October
Score: 4/10
Film count 2017: 54

Here’s the opening scene with real Navy Seals doing some training, they go at a bit hard:

Escape Plan

This did take a few nights to get through, which is normal in my house these days, can only grab a few minutes here and there to watch movies, but who doesn’t want to see Stallone and the big Austrian together? If only this had happened 20 years ago, might have been ace. But times have changed, and action movies have changed, this one has not, still has the punch up scene, still has the bad guys getting killed easily (even had man Vinnie Jones dies easily! Vinnie!) S & S look pretty old of course, Arnold is holding up a bit better than Sly, who still looks weird with his top heavy body. Anyway, I watched the whole thing, only to see what the escape plan would be. Sam Neill yawns his way through a couple of scenes, never seen him look so bored.

Date watched: 10th October
Score: 4/10
Film count 2017: 53

I’m not sure whats going on here:


City of God – 10 Years Later

City of God was a fabs film (here is my short but to the point review from 2011), but this documentary which caught up with 18 of the actors was a bit disappointing.

Basically it just interviewed some of the principal cast to see what they are doing today, and ask them about what it was like to make the film. There were varying degrees of success for some of the actors after the film, and for some a life of continued poverty and crime, with one actor going missing, presumed dead.

Alice Braga is probably the most successful cast member in this film, she went on to do I Am Legend, Repo Men, Elysium, amongst others.

It was filmed well and looked pretty good, but the stories of the actors and the effect it had on the favelas was a bit dull, and even though it was only 70 minutes it dragged on for a bit. What we learned though was that the actors were paid what for them was a large amount of money at the time, but really it was not much (less than US$2000), and most of the actors spent it pretty quickly. One was offered either some money or a cut of the box office take, he took the money and of course now regrets that decision.

Watch City of God, but skip this.

Date watched: September 17th
Score: 4/10
Film count 2017: 105

Tokyo Ga

For my 100th film this year I chose this documentary by Wim Wenders. I remember seeing this on the shelf at the world’s best video rental joint a very long time ago, so long ago in fact that it was on video. So, when browsing for something to watch I thought this would be a worthy 100th. I mostly chose this because I thought it would be great to see 1983 Tokyo.

Unfortunately it was a disappointment. This is described as a documentary, but Wim introduced it as a “diary on film” at the beginning. It is supposed to be about Yasujiro Ozu, a famous Japanese film director who has been voted in the past to be the world’s greatest director by other directors. His film Tokyo Story is an excellent watch. But, Wim spends most of the time just filming random things in Tokyo, sometimes just long boring shots with no narration. One such scene was a small factory where fake food is made, or another scene of people shootin’ golf at a golf range.

There was an interview with Werner Herzog in the film, but the whole thing was completely in German with no subtitles, even though the entire film was narrated in English by Wim. Very frustrating.

There are a couple of interesting interviews with an actor and cameraman who worked with Ozu, and some of the footage of Tokyo was good to see, such as the rockabilly dudes twisting and shouting in the park. The rest though was could have been better.

I am glad I watched it though, but I should have stuck to my original plan for my 100th film: either a Monty Python or Star Wars classic.

Date watched: September 2nd
Score: 4/10
Film count 2017: 100


This was sitting in “Watch later” on YouTube, put there because it stars Frankie (Sinatra).

The story was about an assassination attempt on the President by Frankie and his two cohorts in a small town, the sheriff of which was Sterling Hayden. Unfortunately the story was a bit too wholesome at times, then overly 1950’s dramatic. It was saved somewhat though by Sinatra, who did not deliver an Oscar-winning performance, but was the highlight of the film.

There were a few shootouts, and in one scene a cop inside a cop car recklessly lets rip with a submachine gun on a crim in the street, plugging him full of holes. In another scene the hostages in the story rig a table with metal legs up to a 5000 volt TV (dang!), and electrocute another of the crims who while being shocked pulls the trigger on the gun setup on the table and sprays bullets on police near the house, triggering another shooting spree.

Super high-powered TV

There is a lot of patriotic talk (and to some extent how guns are necessary and good), it is laid on quite thick at times.

A remake was made in 2013 starring Ray Liotta and Dominic Purcell, but that gets only 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, so I will skip that.

I should have skipped this one too actually. If you want to see a good Frankie film then check out From Here To Eternity, which I have seen but for some reason I cannot find on this blog… weird.

Date watched: August 16th
Score: 4/10
Film count 2017: 91