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Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi

James and I watched this in two parts, finishing the second part tonight.

Ewoks, damn frickin’ Ewoks.

The rest was pretty decent really, Georgie did a pretty good job on the main story, but he seemed to just take too many happy pills at some point, and dreamed up the Ewok horror which almost borked the whole thing.

Thank goodness for Disney.

Date watched: December 1st
Score (not including Ewoks): 7.5/10
Score (including Ewoks): 3/10
Film count 2017: 136

You Must Be Joking!

This is a 1965 British comedy film starring Terry Thomas, Denholm Elliot, and a few other familiar faces from British comedy.

It was supposed to be a madcap and nutty comedy with all kinds of sillines, but I don’t remember any particularly funny bits, although Terry Thomas is always funny, even when he doesn’t actually say anything funny. I actually watched this over three sessions because I just didn’t feel like watching it in one go.

The story is about some army guys who have to go on a scavenger hunt to test their initiative. They are tasked with getting things like an electric rabbit (greyhound rabbit), the “Spirit of Ecstasy” from a Rolls Royce, and , the Lutine bell from Lloyds of London, among other random things.

The best thing about the film was the acting. All of the actors were doing the best with what they were given, and they are obviously funny people, but the script was just not up to the task methinks.

Well, at least I can say I have seen it if it ever pops up in a conversation some day.

Date watched: November 9th (final third)
Score: 3/10
Film count 2017: 125


This is directed by Clint Eastwood, about the real life crash landing of a passenger plane into the Hudson River in 2009. I actually fast-forwarded most of this as it was really dull. Tom Hanks is always good to watch but it’s one of those films where you know what happens, give me a doco instead! The National Transportation Safety Board come across as the bad guys, which they never were of course, Hollywood artistic license rears its drab head again.

Date watched: 20th August
Score: 3/10
Film count 2017: 43

Terminator Genisys

Oh dear, this is a complete boring mess. And quite an embarrassment to this once great sci-fi franchise. Arnold returns and says the same old lines, there is the same confusing time travel time line to follow (after a while I couldn’t be bothered), and there is the predictable ‘Oh, he’s the bad guy.’ bit. The Terminator? The Disappointer.

Date watched: 5th August
Score: 3/10
Film count 2017: 40

Stark Fear

Netflix is not that great for watching films, just TV series, so I have been going back to YouTube to watch quality old films. This film though is supposedly a grindhouse film so not much was to be expected.

And it was pretty bad stuff. It was cheaply made, and cheaply acted, but the worst was the story which at times seemed rather random. Basically the story was about a husband who thought his wife (Ellen) was cheating with his former business acquaintance (Joe), so he sets about getting a divorce in Mexico (not sure what that was about, some kind of loophole or something), and also plots to have her killed (it turned out later that his mother whose name was Ellen, abused him as a child, so he married an Ellen to get some kind of twisted revenge on his mother). Ellen though still loved him and when his boss tells her he must return to work or he will be fired, she sets about finding him. This leads us on a bizarre journey to his hometown which is populated by psycho-country bumpkins, so she gets into all kinds of trouble. To cut a long story short, she has some inner tormoil about her life, then gets talked into going to Joe by her friend so they can live happily ever after (“You have to get on that plane and go to him”!).

Ellen was played by an actress named Beverly Garland who looked familiar but I couldn’t place her. Turns out she was in My Three Sons and Scarecrow and Mrs. King, although I didn’t really watch either of those, just in passing maybe.

There isn’t really much going for this, if anything. It wasn’t terrible, I have seen worse, but I should have watched another western instead.

Date watched: August 11th
Score: 3/10
Film count 2017: 89

The Dark Path

I have not managed to get back into watching films recently after a long break, so to break my drought I decided to watch this 1948 psychological thriller film noir last night.

This one is about a police psychologist played by Lee J. Cobb who is held hostage by a troubled crim played by William Holden who just busted out of the joint. It is all rather melodramatic, poorly written, and despite the good cast the acting is overdone. I cringed several times at the corny dialogue and silly situations, but mostly at the forced dramatic acting of Cobb and Holden who seemed to be trying for Oscar glory, but failing miserably.

One highlight though was recognising Ellen Corby of The Waltons fame, although her role mostly involved snivelling.

Skip this, unless you are an Ellen Corby fan.

And here is Ellen Corby with Will Geer. He was an interesting chap, read about him on Wikipedia.

Date watched: June 15th
Film count 2017: 69


I decided to watch this just to see how much of a disaster it really was.

On the whole it was quite terrible, mostly due to Johnny Depp trying too hard to be funny, and just not pulling it off, and the rest of the cast of the very decent cast just doing what they could with the terrible jokes they were given.

There were one or two scenes which raised a smile, and I have seen far worse comedies, but I was still wondering while watching this why it was made. Didn’t anyone who read the script before filming think it was going to be a bomb? Maybe they thought having Johnny Depp starring was money in the bank, but that did not work out as this made $47.3 million against a $60 million budget.

Next up we have Johnny in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, which I don’t have much hope for. Still, On Stranger Tides made over a billion bucks, more than the first two films, even though it was by far the weakest film in the series so far, so it probably will be a huge success.

Date watched: February 1st
Score: 3/10
Film count 2017: 24


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