MBMS changes

Due to my severe lack of film watching in recent months, and less purchasing of music, along with my increased reliance on YouTube for instant gratification entertainment, I have decided to add the YouTube category to this blog. I want to blab on about the various YouTube channels I follow, or stop following for whatever reason. Most of the channels I follow are probably of no interest to others, but I like them and need more blog fodder.

I will continue to write about films, music, and books of course. In fact I do have some recent music to blog about, no films though. I will also continue with my Oscars and Grammy Awards posts, in fact I might just do one soon.

To round this post off here is a great photo of The Kirkster…

Kirk in 1955.

Addendum: It just occurred to me that I should add podcasts as well, I have been an avid podcast listener for many years, so I have many I can write about. That, I shall do.

Today’s Kirk Fact

Kirk is 17th on the AFI’s list of 50 greatest screen legends, just behind Orson Welles, and in front of James Dean, and his female counterpart is Lillian Gish. He is the highest ranking living person on the list. Tom Cruise is not on the list.

Here is Kirk with Johnny Cash, listed on Rolling Stones’ list of great country artists of all time at number three.

Akira and Toshiro

While writing my previous post, I thought maybe Takeshi Kitano should go onto the MBMS Page of Fame, but decided against it until I have seen a few more of his films.

But, it made me realise I have not added two giants of Japanese cinema, Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune. They made sixteen films together, many of them are in my “best of all time” list. So they are there now.

Balance has been restored to the galaxy.