2017 listens

Crosby, Stills & Nash: Debut record from 1969, I only recognised one tune from this, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, the rest is good though. Stills played most of the instruments on this, Crosby and Nash only played guitar on a few tracks. They didn’t even get to play on their own songs apart from the singing, I guess Stills was the better player. The font on the cover reminds me of Twin Peaks. Nice. The above is the Ghostbusters version of the cover. Ha!

Mazzy Star: So Tonight That I Might See – Album number two, the one featuring their big hit Fade Into You. Which is a top tune.

Joe Henderson: Page One – Debut record from Joe, released in 1963, tops of course, and check out that excellent cover.

Donald Byrd: A New Perspective – Another jazz record from 1963, this one is quite famous (and again, has an ace cover) so I was quite looking forward to hearing it. Unfortunately it sounded a bit dated to my uncultured ears, the jazz music is amazing, but there are vocal chants as well. Sounded naff to me but I should revisit this. My first Blue Note record procured on vinyl.

Rocktrip ‘82 – An Aussie compilation I found on vinyl, there were heaps of these types of compilations made back in the day, this one features Adam Ant, Men at Work, Prince, Roxy Music and Simple Minds.

Modular Presents Leave Them All Behind – 2-disc compilation featuring The Rakes, Cut Copy, Fiery Furnaces, The Kills and The Killers. And a bunch more.

Mojo: I Just Can’t Be Happy Today – Yet another punk compilation. The Damned, Alternative TV, The Vibrators and The Adverts among a bunch more rattle off their songs from a long time ago.

Album Count 2017: 182

More 2017 discs

Sam Rivers: Dimensions & Extensions – Recorded in 1967 but not released until 1986 (with original intended artwork and catalogue number) this is tops stuff. Corking good cover.

Blur: Think Tank – Album number seven, I need to give this a decent listen, have thrashed Parklife recently so need to thrash this, as it’s good according to the interwebs. Probably not as good as Parklife but that record is quite exceptional.

Emmylou Harris: Cimarron – Found this on vinyl and kind of like the cover, not a fan really but it’s OK. Not a record proper though, just a bunch of unreleased recordings cobbled together to make a record.

Eagles of Death Metal: Zipper Down – Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme with their (tongue in cheek?) band. Released the month before the Paris attacks, not had a decent listen yet, I thought Jesse acted like a real twat after those Paris attacks so put me off a bit. I’m a fan of of Josh though (who was not at that concert).

Billy Joel: An Innocent Man – Billy’s ninth record, containing those big tunes Uptown Girl and Tell Her About It. Interestingly a concept album paying homage to musical styles of the 50s and 60s. 10 songs on the album, seven were released as singles. Milking it.

Mogwai: Mr. Beast – Album number five from these Scots. Gets good reviews so need to have another listen.

Album Count 2017: 175

2017 Musical Releases

Keith Jarrett: The Koln Concert – Released in 1975 this went onto become the biggest selling solo jazz album in history. Go Keith!

Huey Lewis & the News: Picture This – Album number two from the geeky Huey & the News. Pure naff 80s.

Joni Mitchell: Blue – I got this on vinyl for Ana, Joni is a favourite of hers and this is her most well known record, pretty good too!

Betty Boo: Grrr! It’s Betty Boo – Second and last Betty Boo album, her first is the one everyone remembers but this is fun stuff too.

Flight of the Conchords – Giggles galore.

Blondie: Best of Blondie – Excellent stuff enclosed here of course.

Queens of the Stone Age: Rated R – This is a pretty good rock record, I thought I had it already but turned out I didn’t so score when i found it for a $1!

Dizzy Gillespie: The Very Best – What it says on the box.

Album Count 2017: 169

More 2017 musical discs

$64,000 Jazz: This Jazz compilation is from 1955, might be the oldest LP I have. Benny, Louis, Duke and a bunch of old timey jazz dudes feature.

Bright Eyes: I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning – Not had a decent listen to this, probably OK though.

Johnny Winter: Johnny Winter was a blues guitarist (he died in 2014), known for producing some Muddy Waters records. Funny looking dude. This is his second album from 1969, the vinyl is a bit battered but it’s good stuff.

Franz Ferdinand: Tonight – Album number three from these Scottish lads. Not as memorable as their first two but pretty good. I saw these chaps live back in the day, they were tops.

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers: Moanin’ – Top stuff from the Messengers, from 1958.

Carly Simon: Playing Possum – I’ve not even listened to this, got it for the cover really, which Rolling Stone ranked as number 20 in their top 100 record covers list. Sgt. Peppers was at number one obviously. Some of the other choices are dodgy.

Al Stewart: Orange – I got this in Wellington at Slow Boat records down Cuba Street. I think I’ll be visiting this record shop a lot in the future. It’s tops. As is this LP.

Album Count 2017: 161


Not a great start to my movie viewing year this, Bright is a Netflix produced film and it is pretty terrible, it can’t decide if it’s a comedy, or sci-fi, or social comment, or drama. It ends up being a mess, and is cheap looking even though it had a big budget. It is set in some alternative Los Angeles where humans, Orcs and Elves live together. It follows two cops who find some magic wand which everyone wants etc. Yawn! The main Orc cop was good, at least the actor looked like he was enjoying himself. He can enjoy himself more in the just announced sequel, hopefully the audience can as well for that one!

Date watched: 5th January
Score: 3/10
Film count 2018: 1

Thor: Ragnarok

This is blimmin’ brilliant, Thor the Comedy. Makes perfect sense as Chris Hemsworth is a funny guy, he was the best thing about the recent Ghostbusters reboot. And anything with Jeff Goldblum is always going to be good. Taika Waititi (I still can’t believe he got the job of directing this) has done a grand job of making Thor good again. His cameo as a rock alien thing is pretty damn funny, as is most of the film. And the action bits are good action bits. Top stuff. 

And best use of a Led Zeppelin song in a movie ever.

Date watched: 20th November
Score: 9/10
Film count 2017: 67

Wonder Woman

After reading the Secret History of Wonder Woman I was really looking to seeing this, it was getting good reviews where normally the DC superhero movies get pants reviews so it was looking good for some entertainments to be had. But it was quite the disappointment, boring, ho hum visuals and a bit po-faced. I was well ready for it to be over.

DC have just got their superhero universe all wrong, the films are just not fun, at least Marvel are taking their universe in different directions (Thor) and not taking themselves too seriously.

Date watched: 20th October
Score: 6/10
Film count 2017: 66