In Search of a Midnight Kiss

This week is one long holiday for most people in Japan with the coronation of the new Emperor on Wednesday causing new holidays and much joy, along with the usual national holidays also happening this week. So this week I have decided to watch at least one film a day for the entire week, and I have started with two. This is the first, and I will report about the second film later.

Right from the beginning it was obvious this is a independent film. The cinematography was very budget-looking, but it actually worked well. The colours were very muted, and the sound recording was very natural, so too was the acting and dialogue. All good really.

It is a romance, which I normally don’t go for, but it did not make me cringe at all. It had some great dialogue and was funny in places.

It was also a good look at parts of Los Angeles we don’t normally get to see in films, or in some cases a different look at parts we do see a lot, but from a different and possibly more realistic views.

Good stuff.

Date watched: April 29th
Score: 8.5/10
Film count 2019: 8

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