Musical CD Catchup

I need to catch up on my recent CD purchases before the year ends, so here they are…

Paul Weller – Wild Wood

I found this in the bargain bins at Hard Off, and at only 108 yen I thought it was well worth a try (I also looked it up online just to make sure).

And for that price it is well worth it, decent and easy to listen to music, but nothing to set the world on fire.

Roni Size Reprazent – In the Møde

I was wondering what Roni Size did after the “New Forms” album, and old favourite, so I found this 2000 (New Forms was released in 1997) follow-up album on Amazon used for only 1 yen (plus postage).

The first song is “Railing Pt.2” which sounds a lot like the original first song “Railing” on New Forms, and upon hearing this I thought that this album is just going to try to cash in on the first album. But, from the second track onwards it turned out to be a new sounding Roni Size.

It still has the Roni Size Reprazent sound overall, but is also a bit more drum ‘n’ bass, and has some jungle thrown in too. I quite like it, I would say it is nearly as good as New Forms.

Sting – Ten Summoner’s Tales

Again, this is a bargain bin find from Hard Off. I bought it because it has some familiar tracks on it like “Fields of Gold” and “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”, so I thought I would see what the rest of the album is like.

And it is a decent album, not normally my kind of stuff, but I find it to be quite pleasant listening.

Go to 2 min 30 sec for a harmonica solo…

That is it for CDs in 2018. I will not be buying many in 2019, except for bargain bin finds.

Music count 2018: 114

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