Beyond The Time Barrier

This is a 1960 science fiction film that was made in 10 days, and it shows.

The story is about a test pilot who jumps in his X-80 super fighter jet and whizzes off into space, aiming to break the 6,000 mph mark. What he ends up doing is transport himself to the year 2024. There he discovers that the world has been affected by a plague caused by the nuclear tests of the 50’s and 60’s, and we discover that this is an anti-nuke film.

The year 2024 (actual screenshot from the film)

Most of the population has become mindless savages who are held captive by people who are not savage but are mostly deaf mutes. The big boss, named The Supreme, and his chief security officer are the only ones who can speak, and they don’t want the pilot to go back to the past. Being held captive are four other time travellers from various times in the past, including a meddling Ruskie. They want to help the pilot go back to the 1960’s so he can prevent the nuclear tests, but actually they are planning on going back too.

“Take that you cad!”

The beautiful girl in the story is Princess Trirene, granddaughter of the The Supreme, and she can read minds and she trusts the pilot so helps him escape to the past. Once back in 1960 the pilot instantly ages to an old man, but he manages to convince the Pentagon brass that nuclear tests must stop.

“Gimme some sugar baby!”
“Spare a talent for an old ex-leper. “

The acting in this film is quite wooden, and at times some actors were in ultra-dramatic mode. The dialogue was simple and quite silly at times, especially the science boffins’ explanation of why the pilot went ahead in time. I liked the fact that the Pentagon brass accepted his highly implausible story about his adventures and demand that nuclear testing must stop, they basically just said “Yeah, alright then, you seem to be telling the truth”. If it was a 2018 film starring The Cruiser it would take half the film for Tommo to convince them, not 30 seconds.

“So, you went to the year 2024?”. “Yep, sure did”. “And you reckon we have to stop nuclear testing?”. “Yep”. “Seems legit, better do something about it then”.

The director was Edgar G. Ulmer, who also directed The Man from Planet X. I can’t decide which film I like more…maybe The Man from Planet X just because of the wacky alien.

The film was made with the cooperation of the Air Force. From Wikipedia: The film’s action sequences used Air Force weapons, M1 carbines and M1911A1 pistols, with the actors taking care not to fire the weapons directly at one another.

This is neither bad nor good, but I found it slightly entertaining just for the silliness of it all.

Date watched: November 23rd
Score: 5/10
Film count 2018: 75

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