A Gaggle of Aluminium-coated Polycarbonate

It was my umpteenth birthday recently, so to commiserate I just had to buy some music to dull the pain. Here is what I have amassed…

Pearl Jam – No Code
One of the bands I am slowly collecting the album discography of is Pearl Jam, a band I like, but not a lot. This is their fourth album after Ten, Vs., and Vitalogy, which are all good albums. This album though seems to be where Pearl Jam became just an ordinary band as this one did not grab me, and none since. A middle-of-the-road five out of ten.

Suede – Dog Man Star
On the cover this says “The London Suede” which is the name for Suede in the U.S. for reasons why I cannot find on the interwebs. Like the Pearl Jam album this did not grab me much, their first album is a lot better. Perhaps I have to warm to these two albums, but for the time being this gets a vanilla six out of eleven.

Bad Religion – No Substance
Another band I am collecting albums from. This album gets mixed reviews, but I find it to be quite listenable, and besides this band hasn’t really changed their sound much over the years so they can’t really get any better or any worse. The cover is not a good one though, usually Bad Religion have some good covers. A solid seven out of eleven.

Southern Culture on the Skids – Dirt Track Date
This is a band I had been aware of for a long time, but passed them by which I shouldn’t have as they are very entertaining. Their albums are rare used, but I shall seek out more. An easy nine out of eleven.

Elastica – Elastica
Another band that I have not really paid much attention to, and again it turned out to be a very decent listen. I really must diverge out a bit more and try more bands. A delectable eight out of eleven.

EMF – Unexplained EP
We moved house recently, and I discovered to my delight that there is a place just a few minutes walk away that sells used CD’s, DVD’s, and comics, so I had to check it out. There is a decent collection of music CD’s there, and I found this one for just 50 yen, a veritable bargain.

I wasn’t really into EMF back in the day, except for their song “Unbelievable” which was a catchy tune in the day. This EP doesn’t change things, it is quite unmemorable. A cheap three out of eleven.

The Divine Comedy – A Short Album About Love
I also found this at the new place for 300 yen. I like this band a lot, so I quickly put it in my clutches. It turns out though that I may already have it as when I got home I checked my music player and it was there. I then checked my music spreadsheet and it was there too. But, looking through my actual collection in my CD shelf it does not appear to be there. A mystery. Anyway, this is top stuff of course. A meaty nine out of eleven.

Music count 2018: 36

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