I heard somewhere online that this Spanish/American film was a good one, so I got it out on DVD.

It is the story of two girls aged 3 and 1 who are for various reasons left alone in a cabin in the woods, and are brought up by a ghostly spirit. Years later are discovered and sent to live with their uncle. The ghost goes along too, but is jealous that her human kids are being taken care of my mere mortals, so goes a bit berzerb.

There are some scary scenes in the film when we don’t really get to see “Mama” directly, just fleeting glimpses of her. As the film goes on though the scariness is not cranked up to 11, and by the end it becomes more of a fantasy film that a horror. Gore fans will be disappointed as there is no blood or entrails.

The acting was good, especially the two young actresses, and it all looked good and had a slick soundtrack.

A guy by the name of Javier Botet played Mama. Because of his unique physical traits he has been in a few horror films. Read about him here.

Overall it was good, but I was expecting just a bit more.

Date watched: February 11th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2018: 13

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