Antarktos Rising

I had this on my Kindle for quite some time, so to take a break from the Doctor Syn books I chose this as my next read.

It is a sci-fi thriller about a sudden shift of the earth’s crust, causing whole countries to suddenly freeze as they moved towards the poles, and other countries to get all tropical. It is pure silliness, but made for some good disaster reading.

The few countries and governments that survived found out that Antarctica had become a lush paradise, so they decided the first three countries to get to the centre of the continent in a race would be allowed to have one-third each of the total land for their citizens to relocate to.

The main character of the story is an American woman who is tasked to join the U.S. team as her father is a scientist who was the sole survivor on Antarctica when the world went to heck. He knows the land well and would be able to help the U.S. to victory and beyond. He is also an expert in the bible, which would come in very handy later.

So along with a bunch of gung-ho army dudes including a bad-ass female sniper they all join the race. Also in the race are the Chinese with their best soldiers, the European contingent, and the Muslims countries (stereotypically one of them was wearing a suicide vest).

Yes, it all sounds rather silly, but it gets even better. What they soon discovered was that after Antarctica thawed out there were some long frozen dinosaurs that had survived the freezing process and came back to life, and they were the nasty type.

But, that was nothing, as the Nephilim (biblical giants who hated humans) also woke up and set about busting human-ass.

There was plenty of action and adventures, but it also lay on the theology a bit thick. It was of course very pro-America, so the Chinese, Europeans, and Muslims were all killed off pretty quickly as they are not American.

It was silly and annoying a lot of the time, but I did enjoy the basic premise and some of the action bits. If this was made into a film, it would definitely star Tom Cruise, it is right up his alley.

I am now continuing on with the next book in the Doctor Syn series.

Book count 2018: 1

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