2017 listens

Crosby, Stills & Nash: Debut record from 1969, I only recognised one tune from this, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, the rest is good though. Stills played most of the instruments on this, Crosby and Nash only played guitar on a few tracks. They didn’t even get to play on their own songs apart from the singing, I guess Stills was the better player. The font on the cover reminds me of Twin Peaks. Nice. The above is the Ghostbusters version of the cover. Ha!

Mazzy Star: So Tonight That I Might See – Album number two, the one featuring their big hit Fade Into You. Which is a top tune.

Joe Henderson: Page One – Debut record from Joe, released in 1963, tops of course, and check out that excellent cover.

Donald Byrd: A New Perspective – Another jazz record from 1963, this one is quite famous (and again, has an ace cover) so I was quite looking forward to hearing it. Unfortunately it sounded a bit dated to my uncultured ears, the jazz music is amazing, but there are vocal chants as well. Sounded naff to me but I should revisit this. My first Blue Note record procured on vinyl.

Rocktrip ‘82 – An Aussie compilation I found on vinyl, there were heaps of these types of compilations made back in the day, this one features Adam Ant, Men at Work, Prince, Roxy Music and Simple Minds.

Modular Presents Leave Them All Behind – 2-disc compilation featuring The Rakes, Cut Copy, Fiery Furnaces, The Kills and The Killers. And a bunch more.

Mojo: I Just Can’t Be Happy Today – Yet another punk compilation. The Damned, Alternative TV, The Vibrators and The Adverts among a bunch more rattle off their songs from a long time ago.

Album Count 2017: 182

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