More 2017 discs

Sam Rivers: Dimensions & Extensions – Recorded in 1967 but not released until 1986 (with original intended artwork and catalogue number) this is tops stuff. Corking good cover.

Blur: Think Tank – Album number seven, I need to give this a decent listen, have thrashed Parklife recently so need to thrash this, as it’s good according to the interwebs. Probably not as good as Parklife but that record is quite exceptional.

Emmylou Harris: Cimarron – Found this on vinyl and kind of like the cover, not a fan really but it’s OK. Not a record proper though, just a bunch of unreleased recordings cobbled together to make a record.

Eagles of Death Metal: Zipper Down – Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme with their (tongue in cheek?) band. Released the month before the Paris attacks, not had a decent listen yet, I thought Jesse acted like a real twat after those Paris attacks so put me off a bit. I’m a fan of of Josh though (who was not at that concert).

Billy Joel: An Innocent Man – Billy’s ninth record, containing those big tunes Uptown Girl and Tell Her About It. Interestingly a concept album paying homage to musical styles of the 50s and 60s. 10 songs on the album, seven were released as singles. Milking it.

Mogwai: Mr. Beast – Album number five from these Scots. Gets good reviews so need to have another listen.

Album Count 2017: 175

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