More 2017 musical discs

$64,000 Jazz: This Jazz compilation is from 1955, might be the oldest LP I have. Benny, Louis, Duke and a bunch of old timey jazz dudes feature.

Bright Eyes: I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning – Not had a decent listen to this, probably OK though.

Johnny Winter: Johnny Winter was a blues guitarist (he died in 2014), known for producing some Muddy Waters records. Funny looking dude. This is his second album from 1969, the vinyl is a bit battered but it’s good stuff.

Franz Ferdinand: Tonight – Album number three from these Scottish lads. Not as memorable as their first two but pretty good. I saw these chaps live back in the day, they were tops.

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers: Moanin’ – Top stuff from the Messengers, from 1958.

Carly Simon: Playing Possum – I’ve not even listened to this, got it for the cover really, which Rolling Stone ranked as number 20 in their top 100 record covers list. Sgt. Peppers was at number one obviously. Some of the other choices are dodgy.

Al Stewart: Orange – I got this in Wellington at Slow Boat records down Cuba Street. I think I’ll be visiting this record shop a lot in the future. It’s tops. As is this LP.

Album Count 2017: 161

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