Final Musical Purchases of 2017

Browsing around on Bandcamp I came across a manic release by a punk called Xylitol and their EP named “​.​.​.​Is Toxic to Pigs​?​?​”. A brief listen to the sample caused me to instantly purchase a download. It’s pretty nutty stuff.

And the final purchase of the year is R.E.M.’s 10th album (and also their longest album) New Adventures in Hi-Fi from Book Off. I have not listened to it yet, although I did look up the first track of the album on YouTube. It seems quite different for R.E.M., so I am looking forward to listening to the rest of it.

That brings this year’s music purchases to a total of 130, a nice round number, but behind last year’s all-time record of 148. I must do better next year.

Album count 2017: 130

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