A Quintet of Unabated Aural Stimuli

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, meaning I have to buy as many CDs as I can to meet my quota of a whole lot of music. Last year I reached 148 CDs which I am just not going to be able to top this year. Dang.

U2 – Boy
I have been looking out for this album, so when I found it at Mandai for 220 yen I was most chuffed.

The cover though threw me off at first. I thought maybe it was some kind of bootleg CD or something. It turns out the cover is the U.S. version “due to the record company’s fears that the band would be accused of encouraging paedophilia” (Wikipedia). The boy on the genuine cover is now a photographer, quite a decent one too.

I have not listened to this yet, but a few of the songs are very well known U2 songs.

Looking through my Punk-O-Rama collection I realised I did not have the first one. This had to be remedied as soon as possible, so I found it used on Amazon, for 1 yen plus 350 yen postage, and ordered it.

All that remains is volume 4, then I will have the entire collection to brag about. I have also not listened to this yet, I have quite a backlog of music to get through.

Bad Religion – No Control
I found this at Book Off for 280 yen, and is pretty much what you would expect from Bad Religion. It is decent.

Punk-O-Rama, Vol. 7
Even more Punk-O-Rama, purchased at Book Off for 280 yen, which for me is a major score.

Rancid – Let’s Go
This one comes with a story.

Yesterday I dropped off at the local Book Off on the way back from somewhere. On my last visit to Book Off I saw a CD compilation called “Rock Against Bush, Volume 1” and considered buying it, but Punk-O-Rama Vol. 7 was given priority, so I thought I would buy it this time. When I got home I found that there should have been a music CD in the case as well as a DVD, but in place of the CD was a DVD from volume 2 of “Rock Against Bush”.

So, I took it back and they said I could get my money back or choose something else, so I quickly rummaged through the CDs and found this Rancid album for the same price (280 yen as usual). I also got several 50 yen discount coupons in the deal, so it worked out well in the end. I have not listened to this, but no hurry.

Album count 2017: 128

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