A Medley of Musical Glee and Felicity

Before James and I went to see Star Wars last week, we dropped off at a nearby Book Off Bazaar (a super-sized version of Book Off) to run around and buy stuff. James headed for the books, and I headed for the “280 yen or under” CD section. It didn’t take long to choose the following…

Snoop Dogg – R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece
One of Snoop’s better albums.

British Sea Power – Valhalla Dancehall
I had never heard of this band before, so after looking them up on my phone I decided to give them a go. From Wikipedia: The wide-ranging nature of their material has led critics to liken their sound to a variety of groups, from The Cure and Joy Division to the Pixies and Arcade Fire. Not bad, but not essential.

Punk-O-Rama, Volume 10
This is the last in the series of punk/hardcore compilations that I have been collecting over the years. There are 26 tracks on the CD, and there is also a DVD with 21 music videos. Unlistened to at the moment, but it will be the same-old.

Rancid – Indestructible
Rancid are a ska punk band that have been around since 1991, but I only got into them recently (they are on a few Punk-O-Rama CDs) and I find them to be quite decent.

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
I like Dave and the rest, they are a warm-and-fuzzy kind of band who can do no wrong. And they make great videos.

Suede – The Drowners
There was a bargain bin at Book Off Bazaar and I found this in it for 108 yen, amongst a lot of crap. The title song is apparently considered to be the beginning of the Britpop movement, along with Blur’s Popscene song. A very decent buy.

The Kooks – Konk
And yesterday, I dropped off at a Book Off to have a quick recon. I have their first album, so I thought I would give this, their second album a go. I have not listened to this yet, and from what some reviews say, it might be a little disappointing. But, for 280 yen I am not complaining.

Album count 2017: 123

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