Star Wars: The Last Jedi

James and I were excited about seeing this, so much so that we decided to drive two hours to the nearest 4DX theatre to see it.

There is a lot of praise for this film online, and a lot of vitriol as well. Some people say Star Wars is dead, that these new films are just plain awful, agree I do not. Episodes I, II, and III were pretty bad, but I still like to watch them as there are a few good bits here and there. This new series though does a much better job, and updates the series quite well. The new characters are great, and while the stories so far have been derivative, it is still entertaining. The choice of actors too is spot on I think. At the end of the day these films are just light entertainment, they are not meant to be Taxi Drivers, Sunset Boulevards, or 2001s.

I won’t go into any details, but I thought the story was well done, the acting superb (especially Adam Driver and Mark Hamill), the action scenes spectacular, and the special effects and cinematography most excellent. The humour though was a bit corny or silly, especially in the opening scene, but it is a minor niggle.

If I had to rank this against Episode VII I would say this is a tad bit better, although I would have to watch it again on DVD to be sure, watching films at the theatre skews things a bit.

As I said, we saw this at a 4DX theatre which is our first time to try one out. It was fun for a while, but quickly became tiresome and distracting. We were thrown about on our seats quite a bit, had water raining on us occasionally (although you can turn that off), had blasts of wind come at us from noisy fans, had some weird tickler thing brush against our legs, breathed in scents which didn’t really match the scene, and saw fog rise up in front of the screen which didn’t really add much. Once is enough. The 3D though was worth it.

So, I enjoyed this. I wasn’t expecting much going into it, I just wanted to be entertained which I was. There are a few questions about the story here and there, some of which may be answered in Episode 9, some probably not.

Now the wait until May for the Han Solo story which looks to be quite exciting.

Date watched: December 16th
Score: 8.5/10
Film count 2017: 142

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