I Spit on Your Grave

Searching on Netflix for a horror I came across this, and chose it merely because of the title, it sounded nasty.

Nasty is a good word for this film actually, as the original 1978 film was branded a video nasty, and this 2010 remake sounds as though it was equally as bad.

The story is about a young woman from Manhattan who rents a cabin in the woods and sets about writing a book, staying there alone of course. She is raped by four local men, and then sets about getting nasty revenge on each of them, killing them in quite horrific ways. The rape scene was quite hard to watch, the actress was very brave to do it, and I imagine it was almost as difficult for the male actors. It went on for way too long (as it did in the original), and it just went a bit too far I thought. The subsequent torture and killings of the men was also pretty horrific stuff, equally as hard to watch.

So I can’t recommend watching this, it is just pure torture and killing with no real justification for any of it. Basically, it is one of those “you hurt me (or someone I know)… I kill you” storylines, like Taken or John Wick. I will say though that the acting and cinematography were both very good.

There have been two sequels since.

Date watched: November 24th
Score: 2/10
Film count 2017: 133

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