Music recordings

Modern Jazz Quartet: Blues to Bach – I got this slab of wax ages ago, bit of a weird one, jazz dudes playing Bach.

REM: Automatic for the People – op shop score, and has just been re release with all the normal extras, this is just the original version, and is ace, probably my fav later R.E.M.


Nick Drake: Five Leaves Left – I treated myself to a new vinyl, well, a reissue from 1969, actual new release vinyls are too expensive. So got this great record from nick, his debut, he only released two more records before taking his own life at 26. This was so good I went back and got his second, Bryter Layter, which is ace as well. During his lifetime his records hardly sold, it was not until a few years after his death he became popular.

Big Star – No. 1 Record – I had to get this on vinyl as it was reasonably priced, and is a tops record with a tops cover. They were a top band though.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland  – This Melbourne band released this record for free, they had MP3, WAV, CD burn versions for download, and even one for vinyl, if you could be bothered pressing a vinyl. Anyway, it’s good stuff! They have released 12 albums since 2012 so are a busy band. This one is the 4th record released this year!

Album Count 2017: 126

Not from Polygondwanaland this, but ace all the same:

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