I felt like a good scary horror last night, and after seeing a YouTube video called “Top 10 best horror movies ever 2012-2017” I thought this one would be a worthy watch.

It is a supernatural psychological horror film about a nasty antique mirror that has been terrorising people for hundreds of years. The mirror is bought by a family in suburban America and it ends up killing the parents, while the son and daughter escape. Years later, the grown-up children find the mirror and try to destroy it.

The film is quite well made, slick and atmospheric, with plenty of screechy scary music which adds to the tension. This film does not resort to the classic “jump scare” to make things scary, it instead uses slow walking ladies with long hair and white clothing, lighty-up eyes, and levitation. There is little gore or bloody bits, but plenty of dread and “things that go bump in the night” which work well.

The acting was very good for a horror, especially the two actresses that played the young girl and her future self. Karen Gillan who played the grown-up girl was in 34 episodes of Doctor Who as the Doctor’s assistant.

The ending was pretty standard, and I would have liked to know what the intentions or reasons for the mirror’s beef with mankind was, or even why the mirror was possessed. Still, it was not too shabby.

I got out another film as recommended by the YouTube video called “Mama” on DVD tonight, so I am looking forward to that. I find a good horror always gives you a positive outlook on life, and is just damn entertaining.

Date watched: October 20th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2017: 117

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