Turn the Key Softly

This is a 1953 British film about three women released from prison at the same time, and follows them on their first few days back in society.

Joan Collins plays a sassy and street-wise character who has trouble not slipping back into crime, but is trying to go straight by marrying a chap who promised to marry her before she went to prison. Yvonne Mitchell plays a woman who was nicked for burglary after getting involved with a dashing fellow who was also a career criminal. And Kathleen Harrison (she died in 1995 aged 103) played a poor granny caught by the Bill for petty theft, and who adored her pet dog “Johnny”. Their stories are intertwined, with each woman having a different outcome at the end.

The acting is superb by all, and the story is told honestly and without melodrama, very British one might say.

Not much else to say really except that this was a very pleasant surprise of a film to find on YouTube.

Date watched: October 17th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2017: 115

The poster does not really do the film justice, at all.

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