I have bought only four CDs recently, but unfortunately due to the spreadsheet record of my music collection not being complete I have doubled up on two of them.

I bought The Offspring’s “Splinter” album and Green Day’s “Bullet in a Bible” (a great live album) only to find out they are already sitting on my shelf. I keep a record of everything I buy, and when I go CD hunting I check whether I have an album or not, thanks to Google Sheets. I am bummed, but it will be fun giving those two CDs away to any of my university students who might like them.

I did not double-up on the following though:

¡Forward, Russia! – Life Processes

I have not listened to this yet, but I think it will be good. I first heard this band on the fantastic soundtrack of the game “Burnout Dominator” on PSP many years ago, along with a few other good bands like Billy Talent and Saosin.

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine

James and I went to Book Off on Sunday and I was chuffed to find this for only 280 yen. “Yellow Submarine” is one of my all-time favourite songs, such a simple, sing-a-longable, and happy song in the history of happy songs. There are also some other great Beatles tracks as well.

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
I already have this on CD, but when I found it on vinyl I could not pass it up, especially as it is a Japanese pressing. It is in very good condition too. While I do have a turntable, it hooks up to my computer only, so one day when I get an amp, and large speakers I will be be able to appreciate it the way intended. Still, it is nice to look at the cover and admire the nice grooves.

Album count 2017: 103 (not including doubles)

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