Lone Survivor

Yet another ‘true ‘story’ film where not a lot of what you see on screen actually happened. Some Navy Seals go into Afghanistan (this is filmed in Mexico) to take out a Taliban leader. But the Seals get found out and pinned down in a bloody battle with 30-40 Taliban soldiers, cur war porn of the highest order. Slow motion deaths, bullets flying, blood spurting. One of my favourite bands (Explosions in the Sky) does the music, so that was nice to hear. But overall, the film was pretty crappy to watch.

Mark Mark stars, with Peter Berg directing, they both made the much better Deepwater Horizon.

Date watched: 6th October
Score: 4/10
Film count 2017: 54

Here’s the opening scene with real Navy Seals doing some training, they go at a bit hard:

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